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We've just released patch 0.2.2 for JC2MP! Check out the patch notes:

4 months ago

Welcome to Just Cause Multiplayer!

We are Just Cause Multiplayer, a globally-distributed team dedicated to bringing quality multiplayer to the Just Cause franchise. Our earlier mod JC2-MP can be played directly through Steam, and we are now working on JC3-MP! Stay informed about future updates by following us on social media.

JC2-MP 185 players

Most Recent News

0.2.2 Released

Published february 13, 2016, 02:04:41 pm 8

0.2.2 Released!

Available now on Steam

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Stuntshooter achievement incorrectly increasing stats for all vehicles, rather than just airplanes

  • Fixed a bug introduced by ShapeTrigger entities where Checkpoints fired for remote players
  • Vehicles are now unloaded when the player teleports to a location outside their range
  • Fixed client crash from passing an empty string to chat methods like Chat:Print
  • Fixed an issue with the renderer
  • GWEN now blocks main menu inputs where appropriate

New Features

  • Added SharedObject equality operator
  • Added SteamId.IsValid(string)

  • Added Config:GetValue(string category, string value)

Note: a running changelog for each new version is maintained on the wiki, see here.

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0.2 Announcement

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0.2 Released!

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0.2 Public Beta Patch

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0.1.3 Release

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0.1.2 Release

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0.1.2 Announcement

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0.1.1 Changelog

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JC2-MP 0.1.0 Released!

Published december 16, 2013, 05:57:53 pm 82

0.1.0 Release16th December 2013 17:00 UTCJC2-MP is out now!Download the client from theSto..

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