Currently the developers are putting their own money into Just Cause Multiplayer to keep the servers online.

Please take a few seconds of your time and disable your AdBlock plugin for our website.

Ad revenue is not going to developers, it is used purely for covering our hosting costs.


You are also free to donate, which removes all ads from our website!

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Running the servers required for JC2-MP results in a monthly list of expenses that are currently
being paid by the developers. While our ad-revenue seems to cover the basics (at the current rate),
we decided to accept donations for the generous people who would like to support the mod even more.


Because we will release the server software, there are a limited amount of perks we can release.
These are the ones you will most definitely get when you've donated:
You are donating to the JC2-MP project, not a server. You will not receive any in-game perks.
You are not logged in, your donation is very much appreciated but you will not gain the perks mentioned above.


Donate any amount you want.

$10 USD

This covers about 3 days of our costs.

$25 USD

This covers about 1 week of our costs.

$50 USD

This covers about 2 weeks of our costs.

$100 USD

This covers about 1 month of our costs.

Donate now!

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