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3 years ago

June 02, 2020, 03:14:11 am

Author Topic: Just Cause 2 MP keeps crashing.  (Read 18495 times)


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Re: Just Cause 2 MP keeps crashing.
« Reply #15 on: February 22, 2014, 05:53:01 pm »
Maybe because it happens in so many different random times there is no reason to list, it happens when starting, in menue, in server browser, when connecting, after connecting, all the time.

Old bump, but.. There's always a reason to list, they might either be a: related, or b: all causes of different bugs.  That's how bugs get fixed, or at the least identified.  May sound tedious, but believe me it helps!

Personally I noticed updating my display drives introduced some instability/random crashes.  One driver update, I noticed the decals were rendering all screwed up - and there was a major FPS drop.  Game would randomly play fine, when things get under heavy load strange things/crashes happen.

I'm running a GTX 460, Win7 x64, Intel CPU (x3220) and 8gb ram.  Try these things out, they may help:
-Disable Decals in advanced settings (stopped crashes on the newer drivers for me)
-Some people also disabled Motion Blur and GPU rendered graphics (forgot the actual names, but they can be spotted in advanced).
-Test another game (or JC2 single player) and see if theres similar abnormalities/crashes.
-Finally, revert BACK to a driver version that worked for you (check clean install under custom)
-Check for physical blocking of the vents to your video card (incase its overheating, and you haven't done that in a while).
-Unfortunately, sometimes staying "bleeding-edge" new isn't always the most stable (some work fine for a few games, sometimes they break stuff when release "updates" for our devices).  To play it safe - If its not broke, DON'T FIX IT!

I know its probably an old bump, but I found this thread searching for random crashes in JC2 and figured I'd post what fixed my scenario atleast.  Hopefully its usefull to someone else looking into this and having similar problems.


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Re: Just Cause 2 MP keeps crashing.
« Reply #16 on: December 02, 2015, 09:10:33 pm »
Hi, I have the same problem, I just run the game and it crash in loading, then a window appears with this error report, please help :(

The first time I download it and play it, it goes fine, have a nice gameplay, then my friend has problems with the game (it crash for him after he get inside a invisible car (he says he saw it) and a few minutes later the game crash) and then he can't start the game again. I close the game, and when I try to play it again the next day it start to crash too.

PS: I hope you understand my primitive English, Thanks