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3 years ago

January 25, 2020, 02:44:16 pm

Author Topic: Admin Commands  (Read 2152 times)


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Admin Commands
« on: December 17, 2013, 01:38:47 am »
I've been porting my very basic admin commands over from Garry's Mod. These are very basic but functional and easy to edit for those who don't know too much Lua.

Installation Instructions
  • Download the attachment from this post
  • Unzip the admincommands directory to your JC-MP scripts folder
  • Edit line 1 of /admincommands/server/admincommands.lua and throw in your own steam ID in the admin table. The second number is the rank for that player.
  • Type load admincommand in console or restart your server

  • You can script in your own commands by looking at the examples I've already written under the commands table.
  • Each command has its own rank. If you want anyone to use the command set the rank to 0. Otherwise, it will check to see if the user is in the admins table and if their rank is greater than or equal to the commands defined rank. This allows you to give certain commands to certain people.

Admins table:
local admins = {
   ["STEAM_0:0:25914952"] = 100,
   ["Another SteamID"] = 10,
   ["Yet another SteamID"] = 30,

Add function to allow admin commands to be more easily added
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