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3 years ago

May 25, 2020, 11:09:58 pm

Author Topic: AWG Factions v0.03 - by Anzu  (Read 26016 times)


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Re: AWG Factions v0.03 - by Anzu
« Reply #75 on: February 21, 2014, 12:08:13 am »
Yea i can second that, and i know how it is to work on more than one projects at once,
i've done it when i was scripting things in SA:MP. And yea thanks for this great script again.

The next section of my current post might be looked at by some as a kinda double post since i think i might already written these ideas but i dont want the following ideas to be "forgotten" so look at it as a bump.


1., The script should allow spaces and underscores ( _ ) in Faction names

2., Ideas about faction bases:
Creating bases and/or turfs: with a white or a "faction-colored" big "checkpoint circle"
(like where the jobs start int the Panau Drivers script) which's radius is the borders either of a
military base or a stronghold (single player stronghold) or a village, or a mansion, depending on
what the faction leader wants to make for a base.

3., Military airports should be made for takeable bases but not the Panau Intl Airport, cuz of according to the Battle For Panau server and freeroam servers the PIA is allways a clusterfuck area that becomes either boring to take over or annoying to players.

4., Add faction-base  related cmds like /base create basename, /base contest
(to make a gangwar for a base), /base list, /base teleport

5., Relating factions with vehicles:
The script should be able to add vehicles to factions (or maybe only just IF the vehicle Manager
wont be upgraded with this feature to add vehs to factions/jobs/companies etc.)

6., Relating faction vehs with bases:
When a faction takes over a base the faction leader should have the ability to spawn/remove
some vehicles for his faction there (like some APC-s or tanks for defense) BUT when this
faction loses the base to another faction then the vehs would be removed so the next owner will
have the ability to spawn any vehicle at base for them with a /f vspawn vehicleID command
or similar, so it wouldnt be an automated vehicle change like on the Battle For Panau server
and this way all members would have this as one more thing to do in the faction besides their own
ideas of activities so this would make the faction kinda more active. The faction vehs should
be only usable by the faction that owns them. I know some would say the faction members can
get their own vehicles from the buymenu but i think the members wont just stay at the base
all day to defend it and the faction vehicles which would be spawned by the leader could be used
by any member at any time he wishes to use it and the faction vehs should cost no cash to spawn.
Faction vehs should be spawnable/removable outside of the base by the leader too if needed and
would be fully removed automaticly if the faction gets deleted or disbanded but the faction vehs
in the zone of the base would be automaticly removed when the base gets taken over by other faction.

7., Decision about whether only 1 base can be made or more than one
Maybe add a possibility to take over more places for base or as turf, like its on RLRP, that a faction has one base but can take over more places (villages/military bases, city districts etc.) for turf, so there could be not only a war for a base but for turf too. And if the base (for example a stronghold) got taken over by a rival faction then a place from the turf (a village, military base etc.) still owned could become the "next base".
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