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3 years ago

February 28, 2020, 08:57:49 am

Author Topic: couple questions  (Read 2926 times)


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couple questions
« on: December 15, 2013, 05:33:21 pm »
so I have a couple quick questions.

in the wiki, most of the events have only 1 argument, and then you use this as a table. can we use multiple arguments in the event and not use only the first one as a table?


Foo = function(args)
   local message = tostring(args.attacker).." shot you for "..tostring(args.damage).." damage!"
   Chat:Print(message, Color(255, 255, 255))
Events:Subscribe("LocalPlayerBulletHit", Foo)

instead of this, can we use:

Foo = function(attacker, damage)
   local message = tostring(attacker).." shot you for "..tostring(damage).." damage!"
   Chat:Print(message, Color(255, 255, 255))
Events:Subscribe("LocalPlayerBulletHit", Foo)


another question I have is the server to client communication. one of the developers or beta testers posted somewhere that you guys would post a tutorial on that, but I started looking around the wiki.



function Foo()

function FooWithObject(obj)

Events:Subscribe("MyCustomEvent", Foo)
Events:Subscribe("MyCustomEventWObject", FooWithObject)


function playerChat(args)
   Network:Send(args.player, "MyCustomEventWObject", args); -- sends the event to ONLY the player who typed a message, to send to everyone, we use "Broadcast"?

        Network:Send(args.player, "MyCustomEvent");
Events:Subscribe("PlayerChat", playerChat)

is this how we would do the client-server communication?

if it is, what in the hell does SendNearby do(send to streamed in players near a certain player only?) or SendToPlayers(send to a group of players, but not necessarily everyone?)
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Re: couple questions
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2013, 12:45:52 am »
No, you can't do the former as that would mean argument order is unspecified. You could just do:
Code: [Select]
function LocalPlayerBulletHit( args )
local attacker = args.attacker
local damage = args.damage

print( string.format( "You have taken %i damage at the hands of %s", damage, attacker:GetName() ) )

Events:Subscribe( "LocalPlayerBulletHit", LocalPlayerBulletHit )

As for network events:
Code: [Select]
-- Server
function PlayerChat( args )
-- Sends your authentication status to you and you only
if args.text == "/test" then
Network:Send( args.player, "TestMessage", args.player:IsFullyAuthenticated() )
return false
-- Sends your authentication status to everyone in the server
elseif args.text == "/test_broadcast" then
Network:Broadcast( "TestMessage", args.player:IsFullyAuthenticated() )
return false
-- Sends your authentication status to everybody near you (Everyone streamed in), but not you
elseif args.text == "/test_nearby" then
Network:SendNearby( args.player, "TestMessage", args.player:IsFullyAuthenticated() )
return false

function ClientMessage( args, sender )
print( sender:GetName() .. "'s head position is " .. tostring(args) )

-- Subscribe to the PlayerChat JC2-MP event
Events:Subscribe( "PlayerChat", PlayerChat )

-- Subscribe to the ClientMessage network message
Network:Subscribe( "ClientMessage", ClientMessage )

-- Client
function TestMessage( args )
-- Print out the value we got from the server
print( "Player authentication status: " .. tostring( args ) )
-- Send out a position of our own
Network:Send( "ClientMessage", LocalPlayer:GetBonePosition( "ragdoll_Head" ) )

-- Subscribe to the TestMessage network message
Network:Subscribe( "TestMessage", TestMessage )

This code is untested, but should work. Network:SendToPlayers sends the message to a table of Players so that you can easily send network messages to a group of people like a team.