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3 years ago

June 05, 2020, 04:56:02 am

Author Topic: JC2RP redesign  (Read 2576 times)


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JC2RP redesign
« on: August 05, 2018, 08:57:26 am »
April 3, 2017

- Out of the entire 2017, the binoculars are the only visual change I recall being done. Throughout that year I had little time and determination for any significant changes, and all the focus was on bug fixes, small features and improvements. I added the wingsuit, tweaked captures.. even with changelog in front of me, that year is still blurry.

~ for some reason, 2018 came out slightly different ~

Black Market
July 3, 2018

- It started with this window, and while it's still not looking very good, I'm glad how it turned out. 3 clicks to get both weapons, simple icons for readability. Moving on.

Territory HUD
July 3, 2018

- This HUD honestly should have been improved years ago, the influence and defense used to appear right after the location name and you had to guess what they mean, level info wasn't pretty, and instead of describing what the location does (like healing infantry in this case) it used to say [ H ]. Yeah, [ H ], and you had to learn it means hospital.

Chat Interface
July 4, 2018

- From the amount of "wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwddd" in the chat you could tell that the input rectangle was very difficult to notice, and many players weren't even realizing they are typing in the chat. And I thought.. while I'm at it, might as well add explanations to every single chat command there is, because the difficulty curve is just.. bad. But we'll get to it later. Oh, and the visible hotkeys. T to chat, Y to switch chat tab, N to change name, F to use grapple hook, and so on.

Map Legend
July 5, 2018

- While the map is fairly simple, having a legend is nice. If a new player wants to capture a location, and they stumble at the legend, they can find out that to initiate a capture they need to be Rank 2, and the location needs to have a yellow highlight around it. Airports now look different from regular points, and bank/casino now appear on the map. All of these are very important locations, again, no idea why they weren't added earlier.

Player List
July 6, 2018

- Having colorful rectangles is nice, but it is much more intuitive with the faction names/icons here as well, even the online counts in each faction. As you can see, we don't have many online players these days, as the game is years old and all. But there are many people who want it to change, so I don't mind doing any of this. It's fun to see how the server would look if I did all the things right at the start, it's fun to work on it, and it's fun to see old, present and new players enjoying it.

Character Name Change
July 7, 2018 (and the outfit selector on July 27)

- The new name change UI adds an ability to generate unique character names, and tries to explain which names are allowed, and which are not. Weeks later I've added the arrows to switch player model, a fair alternative to typing '/skin' in the chat about 45 times.

Vehicle Purchase
July 7, 2018

- The tweaked UI is still not very pretty, but has 4 categories to make it easier to choose a vehicle, even if the player has no idea how it looks like. Also adds a button to switch between currencies (faction's Vehicle Parts for elites, or own spending cash), which could only be done with a hotkey before. Allows to order a vehicle in mid-air again, because why take the fun away?

Player Tags
July 8, 2018

- Tried to make these slightly more slick. Prettier stars for bounty hunting, health shown as text for better readability.

Delivery Contracts
July 9, 2018

- Now shows the map to make it more clear where the delivery destination is, and the influence for each location.

Level HUD
July 12, 2018

- Shows every XP and new Level that you earn. Bars a bit thicker too.

HQ Icons
July 13, 2018

- The old icon used to show where the faction HQ is, but there was nothing to interact with. New icons show the plane hangar, faction shop and garage. The shop will have many more interesting items from now on.

July 13, 2018

- Item quality names were clearly underappreciated, and now you can see them all the time, in front of the item name. In fact the entire inventory backend has been rewritten, and now there are many new items. The shop selling oranges will no longer restock on orange crayons!

Mission Marker
July 15, 2018

- I've experimented with mission rays before, but they used to appear only to the new players. New marker is visible to everyone, and has the colors of factions who are currently in control of the objective.

Radar Icons
July 15, 2018

- Radar icons and colors were improved throughout many days, but they did not change as much as the in-game tags. You can see the nearby garages now, though.

Construction Tools
July 28, 2018

- The build tools for faction leaders were rewritten, to be more intuitive and convenient to align objects next to each other.

July 30, 2018 (and the money UI on August 2)

- Sadly the tutorial might be fairly annoying at times, but I put a lot of hope in it to introduce new players to all the features that might look quite complicated. It's flexible, if you are in a plane - it will teach you how to take off, if you are at the bank - it will teach you how to send money to your offshore account, if you are on a shore - it will teach you how to catch fish.

Ally Tags
August 2, 2018

- Panau is frickin huge! But that doesn't mean you should be playing alone, and while the radar used to show the directions for allies, and the map displayed their exact location, there is one more thing I wanted for a long time, and it's showing the player locations directly in the game, even if they are far away.

~ that's all the important stuff. oh, and ~

Most of the code has been rewritten
- To ensure everything runs fast, and the delays are reduced to minimum

Capture mechanics have been updated
- Balancing is now done with increased damage, outnumbering is allowed
- Influence drop stage has been removed

Damage system has been changed
- In old system, if you missed the player model (blue)...
you had 33% chance to hit in the red circle, and 66% in the orange

- In the new system, if you miss the player model (blue)...
you deal from 20% to 100% damage, based on how precise you aim (no RNG)

Trade and convoy missions are back
New hit marker, showing vehicle health
Emoticons are converted into roleplay actions
Improved vertical take off for Pell planes
Fair faction salaries and visible expectations
Slow K22 helicopter replaced with a faster K23
Over 50 minor bug fixes
and many other things...

~ thanks for being around ~

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But most importantly...
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