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Title: all scripts collection + offline wiki
Post by: Mjjstral on March 16, 2017, 04:11:24 pm
This is a collection of all lua scripts (282, february 2017) I could find for jc2mp from the jc-mp forums and github. All credits go to the respective mod authors.
In addition there is a complete offline backup of the lua part from the jc-mp wiki.


The intention is to preserve the information and make it faster accessible for people.

Actually I wanted to start scripting myself for jc2mp but what kept me from doing it was the extra work for syncing everything properly between server and client especially when using NPC's.

If anyone wants to code my idea: A tower defense mode with waves of NPC's. The waves (NPC's) get stronger each round with more health and better weapons. The Player needs to eliminate the NPC's before they a) reach a certain point or b) destroy a certain object. Optionaly a gui menu with a 2d top-down view of the area for building defense turrets along the way would be awesome. The arena where it takes place could be a procedurally generated parcour of some sort (see sinisters labyrinths for inspiration).
Title: Re: all scripts collection + offline wiki
Post by: Lord_Farquaad on March 17, 2017, 12:42:36 am
This is pretty cool! Offline wiki is really nice as well.

I would suggest putting FC-Script-Pack-master.zip into the Gamemodes & Minigames folder as it is a fully fledged gamemode and not a single standalone script.

Also, it appears that you do not have my experimental shield module (https://github.com/noobasaurus/shield). Feel free to add it to the pack if you want.