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JC2-MP / Upcoming Test
« on: June 27, 2013, 03:38:11 pm »
Rico's all across the globe, the time is now!
Gather your friends for chaos and destruction galore, may the god of war fear us for our power and stupidity!
Saturday night we dine...and then go back to playing JCMP!

So, to recap, what's your goal this test?
Test will start at 29/6/13, check the twitter for your timezone.
(Fun fact: The test will end on the anniversary of the first test!)

Edit by Philpax: Official changelog here!

Community Projects / JCMP Fan-fiction
« on: April 18, 2013, 09:16:07 pm »
--->Link: <---

Some already know, most don't.
I am currently in the process of writing a fan-fiction about JC2MP.
And what better time than now, when the next test is right around the corner!
And I need your help! No, not that idiot, you! Stop looking behind you, it's you!
Good, now that I have your attention.

The plot revolves around a mercenary squad, who will do just about anything for the right amount of money. I won't reveal anymore than this, otherwise it would only spoil the whole story.

In order to make this story as authentic as possible, I would like people to lend me their names.
I've already gotten quite a few from friends, but, let's just say that a war takes more than 7 people ;3
So, if you are interested in seeing your name in the story (maybe even becoming a main character :O) leave the following in the comment section below:

- Name
 ~ By that I mean the name that will be used in the story (numbers are always left out). Example: WeirdJohn66 -> WeirdJohn or John.
- Role
 ~ Are you a Driver, Gunner, Spy or maybe even an Enemy? (I'll check if it fits in :3)
- Character
 ~ Kind, Bad-Ass, Seductive, Tsundere, Cool or something else? (Mixtures are allowed)
- Faction (optional)

Also, feel free to leave behind any suggestions regarding the squad name or names for operations.

And of course, as proof that I am actually writing, here's a part of it: ;)

UH-10 Chippewa nr.4, 23:04

The roaring of the G9’s engines passed above the Chippewa, which was almost at the drop-off point.
The three men aboard looked outside of the windows to see the black jet headed north into the canyon, chased by 3 missiles.
‘That’s not part of the plan, right,?’ Tigers asked out loud, trying to make himself understandable despite the rotor’s loud spinning.
‘You figured it out faster than normal, good for you!’ SubZero answered sarcastically.
Tigers shot him a glare.
‘Heads up you two, we’re coming in hot and the oven is overheating’, Cross shouted. ‘Prepare for a rough ride!’
It wasn’t long before red lights started flickering on Cross’ displays and the beeps and alarms soon made their entry. The SAM sites had switched targets and were now keen on making sure the chopper wasn’t going back home in less than 15 pieces. The first 2 missiles were defeated by activating the flares, but the third one had been fired later and was not affected by the flares at all and was still heading straight towards the helicopter. Cross started the move the chopper sideways to the left, but missile easily adjusted its path and was now approaching them in a curved line.
‘Cross, what are you doing?’ a slightly nervous SubZero asked, ‘Get us out of here dude!’
‘Just have a little fate in me’ Cross answered while keeping his eyes on the projectile in front of them.
‘Cross, get us out of here! Come on, man! Get us out of here!’
‘Just a little more…’ Cross muttered, ‘Steady…’
More red lights popped up and the beeping grew more rapid with the second.
‘Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, *BEEP*, oh shit, oh shit, *BEEP*,  oh shit, *Beep**Beep* *BEEEEP*
At the last moment, Cross pushed the right rudder down, making the helicopter spin around its axis and causing the missile to sail by them. Cross looked up for a quick peek and saw the rocket pass flying to the right. The others that were looking over his shoulder cheered at the sight and wanted to say something. Too bad the projectile was also remote-triggered.
A loud explosion at the back of the Chippewa and several beeping buttons failing their task told the crew a clear message, the tail had come off and the what was left of the aircraft was now plummeting out of the sky.
‘Time to bail!’ SubZero shouted to the others, while holding onto the edges of the door opening.
Tigers was the first to jump.
SubZero turned to Cross, who was making a miserable attempt at fastening his parachute. He had never needed it before, so his first try looked like a monkey putting on a suit. Sub looked at him and tried to help him, but the G-forces caused by the spinning of the Scythe were becoming too great.
Instead, he reached out and grabbed his friend’s arm and jumped, dragging the confused pilot with him. Cross was now completely unable to put on his parachute, so instead held onto SubZero squeezing like a lemon. SubZero pulled the cord. Now that the two of them were gliding to the earth, he managed to gather enough air to talk.
‘Cross…you’re choking…me…’
‘Oops, sorry.’
‘It’s okay,’ he soothed, whilst trying to rub his bruised ribs.
Below, Tigers had already landed and taken in position behind a pile of rocks.

That's all I'm posting here (I'm such a tease), to find out what happened before and what will happen next, well, in time~ ;D


JC2-MP / This week's beta test!
« on: April 17, 2013, 03:28:00 pm »
What will you be doing this weekend?
Hanging with friends?
Fucking over other factions?
Tell the community!

Random / Never join a FlockDraw with JCMP
« on: April 13, 2013, 11:55:34 pm »

Don't do drugs or this will happen...
Credit for the pic goes to Mandella
Egocentric SOB...Him and his credits...

Community Projects / JC2-MP Tutorial
« on: March 14, 2013, 05:44:12 pm »
I've been catching up with the MP vids of Nova (don't hate me for it, I just like the videos) and in every single video they don't know what to do with which commands and where. So I am thinking, let's team up and make a (preferably) spoken guide to the ins and outs of MP.

Covering things like:
(The italicized commands are just examples)

1. Basic commands
- Commands that are the key to efficient playing.
(/tp, /killfeed, /tags)
You can do anything, but not everything.
—David Allen

2. Faction commands
- Explaining the commands necessary for leading your faction and organising events.
(/f create, /f tp, /f players
Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.
-Peter Drucker

3. Money
- 'Let's make some dough' -Quote from the rui_trioa Chronicles XD
/bank withdraw, /bank deposit, /bank balance
The richest man is not he who has the most, but he who needs the least.
—Unknown Author

And whatever the hell we come up with :3
So, who wants to help next test? ;D

Just Cause 2 / JC3 Confirmed :3
« on: February 07, 2013, 12:58:09 pm »
We all already knew they were working on it, but now we have confirmation~!  ;D
(btw, the site is in Dutch)

JC2-MP / What is your specialty?
« on: January 02, 2013, 02:14:08 pm »
I am really bored right now, so I decided to make (yet another) poll.
I myself take a lot of pride in my flying skills in the G9, but I do not know what others think they are better in, so why not a poll? :D

Factions / Faction leader interviews
« on: December 05, 2012, 05:32:52 pm »
Continuing my journalism spree, here are some interviews with major faction leaders.
Keep in mind that some of the text is not original and had to be shortened (rui) or had to be made correct grammaticly.

Leader and founder of the PTS faction, this guy seemingly has nothing better to do than post comments on every single topic on the forums (;topicseen#new)

1. Why did you start a group with the purpose of taxi-ing?
   - I made it because of the popular demand in the chat during the first 4 tests; also because I was in a huge taxi group in all the Battlefield games.
2. What is the most fun thing in singleplayer for you?
   - I think probably messing with the vehicles, trying to do over-the-top vehicle stunts.
3. What about MP, whats the most fun thing to do there?
   - Hanging out with friends!!! (Preferably PTS groupers)
4. You say with PTS, are you open to play with other factions too?
   - I personally like to only play with the PTS in-game, but if I get the chance I might hang out with some of the other factions.
Any good advice for readers?
   - Practice your aim/driving skills in singleplayer between beta tests.

Founder and Leader of the Adventurers faction is a guy that doesn't know the difference between answering a question and writing a full essay. (Seriously, his interview took forever)

1. Okay, easy one first, why did you create the Adventurers?
10 minutes later, not kidding
   - I created the Adventurers, mostly because I wanted the faction to grow fast, since it was one of the first ever official factions created in JC2MP. Also because I wanted a different faction comparing to the others, I wanted a faction that everyone know each other, that each single! Oh question...
2. But I read that you created it for fun with others? No other reason as to why it's called the Adventurers?
   - It's called Adventurers because people tend to adventure around Panau, doing missions with their leaders; and we don't have a main base.
3. What is your favorite part of singleplayer?
   - I love the faction missions that you have to travel a lot and do some sabotage missions, blowing up the convoys and such.
4.Same question, but now for multiplayer
   - I have many, but the thing I like to do most would be doing objectives/missions/exploration with a group of comrades or with the Adventurers.
Any advice for the reader?
10 minutes pass yet again...
(Oh god, he's writing another essay, isn't he?!)
   - Dear reader, we would be very appreciated if you could join our Faction, or at least trying to make an alliance with us, we promise alot of action and adrenaline-ish moments with the crew. Remember, we care for the stay of each mem...ber...zzzzzzzzzz l3

So here's an interview via PM with Cross...
What's more to say? I mean...I don't know him...Nor the others really...
Just read the damn interview...

1. Why did you make this group?
   - Well, first I wanted to play in a group that wasn't so big and test vehicles, explore the map, do some stunts and stuff like that. So when the devs had put in clan support, I was able to make it. After an active player joined I thought I could take this more seriously. One of my first members, Lexeaus (call her Jenny),  created our steam group and started to recruit.
2. Why call the group UlarBoys?
   -  Because the Ular Boys are my favorite faction in SP so I created mine with the same name. Also my favorite color is yellow/orange making me like them even more. (I was lucky, when I created it in MP, it's color was yellow ;D)
3.  What is your favorite thing about singleplayer and why?
   - SP is great because it can be modded. I don't think I could play without my mods; I put in a lot that makes the game harder, funnier and gives me more freedom. And of course, some Rico skins for cool looks.
4. What is your favorite thing about multiplayer and why?
   - JC2 is a freaking cool game without anything, but with this...I can't find words. I'm very pleased, because without it, I couldn't have started my faction.
Any last words to the readers?
   - Join the UlarBoys  ::) ;D
This message was (partially) censored due to illegal advertising within an awesome interview

Y'all know him or heard of him, the best fighter pilot around, The Jet-black Flash, Black Lightning etc. etc. (My ego is on the verge of exploding  ;D) and leader of the W-Angels.
Now to interview myself before my ego collapses in on itself.
In this interview I'll just replace anything in bold with the reader asking the questions instead of me.

1. Soul, other than being the best leader out there, why did you create this group?
   - Well, it wasn't just my idea, it started within IRC before the 3rd test or something like that. I was in the IRC with some people, including MrMister and NinjaSloth and we came up with the idea.  Other than that there was no other reason, we just wanted to start a group.
2. Why call it Woet's Angels?
   - That's a funny story, we just could not come up with a name that we all liked except this one. (Also to piss off Woet a little bit, but don't tell him~ >:3)
3. What's the best thing about multiplayer?
   - I guess that would be the free-roaming, at least half of my playtime on JC2 has been driving/flying around to enjoy the scenery. Without that, I would have never loved this game as I do now.
4. Multiplayer aspect number 1, according to you?
   - The chaos, the sheer and utter destruction of Panau. Grab a car, grab some friends and roll out to destroy others with supreme game skills. For those of you who can remember, the Pie Wars was one of those things. An island with no more than 10 square meters, constantly sieged by incoming kamikaze (Heavenly Wind, for those that never bothered to search the meaning on the web)planes and G9 bomb runs, including me!  8)
Do you have any advice to us?
   -  Find good spawnpoints in singleplayer, there is a good chance that they will also exist in MP. I know a lot of airfields hidden around Panau, with at least 1 attack helo.

Dilin AKA President Panay
Somebody has to cosplay the baddie right? So here after a like 2 week delay, the interview with the leader of the PAF. Now this guy obviously wanted to imitate rui since his essay was almost as big as his...(Imagine the fun reading it -_-)And yet again, this interview is done via PM so questions will be pretty standardNot that they are ever originalTry reading this >:D

1.Why did you create the PAF faction?
   - The Panau Armed Forces was intitiated when a group called Facepunch [FP] repeatedly spawnraped the airport to another dimension, past Dr. Who's Tardis, and BACK AGAIN to Panau (I left this bit in, but I have no clue as to what he is saying O.o). Facepunch with a couple hundred members killed almost everyone in the server and  I wanted to combat this with an effective fighting force that could quickly remove them one by one. It seems effective since no [FP] tags were used last time.
2.Why the weird name?
   - The Panau Armed Forces used to just be called the Panau Military, I changed the name and took over the faction.
The best thing about SP is...?
   - My favorite part of Single Player was just how MASSIVE the world is and how it could take near an hour to follow Panau's freeway's by car all around. It got even better when I started using mods with which I could stage a 1-man D-Day :D
3.Insert standard MP question here...
   - My favorite part of MP is organizing the troops and getting shit done! That includes cleansing the Mile High Club and Airports of Terrorists, don't shoot the Panau Military if you don't want to be shot at...
What is your cheesy advice, make it original by the way
   - Well instead of just saying, "JOIN PANAU ARMED FORCES WE HAVE COOKIES" I want to recommend something easier if you don't wish to join, simply don't shoot Panau Soliders and report all sushhhspishhhhhoussshhhh (suspicious, just put it here for those of you who, like me, can't read Panauan) activity and if you see anyone from Panau's MOST WANTED list, inform the nearest Panau Armed Force's Soldier and watch the fireworks from a safe distance.

Representative for the Panauan Roadtrip Federation, PAROFED for short, and a likely successor to rui's essay making talent, surpassing even Dilin. Keep in mind that he is probably the most influencial (I think?) within this group, not the original founder (Can this person step forward pretty please?). It's not like anyone else wanted to do an interview...

1. What was your reason for creating the PAROFED? (Back then, I did not know he wasn't the founder)
   - Well altough I'm not the founder, I was one of the very first members. Somebody typed in that he was looking for people to do a roadtrip and I joined. The most of us just did the single player missions and wanted to explore the rest of the map. So we became a little group of roadtrippers who knew each other well and had fun.
2. Who did start the faction then?
   - Well in earlier tests there were 2 roadtrip factions: test chat and PAROFED.
 I don't know which one was created first, but we were all part of the roadtrip faction ingame. Test chat was created by GangsterGarfield and should be the "official" one.
3. What is your favorite weapon combination?
   - Sniper and dual sub-machinegun (and the minigun ^^)
4. What is the best thing about MP according to you?
   - I think it's the random moments with other players . I mean moments when you are alone and somebody stops and lets you in their car and then you do some crazy stunts together and laugh in the chat, all of this without knowing each other.
And last but not least (actually it is least...ah well), your unoriginal advice!
   - Get some good friends, some cool vehicles and do some crazy shit together^^
Told ya~! >:3
Well, that makes the major factions I guess...
Are you a faction leader that qualifies to the rules in the Faction List and you want your interview in this glorious Hall of Fame? Get flaming and send me your request!

Random / Introduction Game
« on: December 01, 2012, 02:04:30 am »
Try and introduce yourself within 3 lines as awesome as you can :3

Factions / Woet's Angels [W-Angels]
« on: November 30, 2012, 05:50:39 pm »
Become someone that is feared by others, join W-Angels and train with the best flyers and shooters around.
Learn the best of tricks and stunts, get to know the factions and join in as a high-end mercenary.

W-Angels is a training facility aimed at training all those that are interested into top-notch players called Angels (gotta use that name for something ;) ). We are quite an old faction started up within the IRC and we all kinda forgot about it but, now that there is a faction system, things are getting more interesting.

In order to apply for training this is what you will need:
-A good sense of controls;
 ~You know the basics and maybe already have a few tricks up your sleeve.
-Good English
 ~In order to understand what you need to do, a good sense of English grammar and vocabulary is needed.
-Flying skills
 ~Of course you will train, but it's better that you already can fly AND land a plane.
-Knowledge of the map
 ~When I say International, you know I mean the biggest airport, same with DesertAP (Desert airport with the 3 take-off/landing strips)

For our own safety , we will most likely not have a base, but we do hope other factions that might be interested in hiring Angels will provide some shelter when necessary :3

The eventual goal is joining another faction of your liking, or in some cases stay as an instructor, which you will get to know during your training as an Angel. We do not have friends or enemies as of yet, but it may well be that our target practice isn't appreciated by everyone~ :D

PM on the forums for more info or if you want to apply :3

Allies: PTS, ADV, UB, PSU, FacePunch, Rolling Thunder
Enemies: USA, America, NPGamers

Factions / The Faction List
« on: November 29, 2012, 08:55:56 pm »
I'm mostly making this for my own understanding, but it will come in handy for others who want to join a faction.

Rules for the list:
1. Group larger than 8 regular members
2. A standardised name (comes in handy for those who want to join)
3. Good information on what kind of faction it is and what it attempts to achieve
4. Group has been founded for a specific reason (Jet-pilots only, taxi service), not just to get together.
5. (optional) Clantag to make for shorter conversations
6. (optional) If you want, you can assign a color to your faction, even though it's no telling if it will be the same color in-game

The Factions

-Panau Taxi Service, [PTS]: Intended as a taxi service for all of Panau, after the teleportation commands it rapidly became unused. But now comes a new PTS, complete with a base, regular members and over 150(!) people who joined their cause on steam. It's founder is the 732 posts (and counting) Hero Member mandella644.

-The Ular Boys, [UB]: A fairly new faction started by 25 posts Newbie member Cross888 (but who cares about posts anyway, it's your skills that matter!). Originally just him and his buds, he and his squad of friends now aim to establish a regular community within the JC2-MP universe. It's main occupation seems to be making war with ADF and causing destruction all over Panau.

-American Defense Force, [ADF]: Even though their name is a mouthful, the amount of members sure ain't a joke. Started by 6 posts Newbie Mankrik, better know in-game as ChiefKeef. The American Defense Force is aimed to kill all that is not them, but they aren't as bad as they sound and are, like all factions, looking for some fun. Rumor also goes that ADF sees anyone as Ruskies and quote:
Anyone who doesn't support our cause is considered a Ruskie. Don't like it? Too bad Ruskie.
Better keep away from that red flag...

-The Adventurers, -ADV-: A faction started up by 150 posts (and also still counting) Full member rui_troia (a long time ago it seems), it's target is to get some fun at TP hot spots...they get the fun that is. Because they are a faction aimed at raiding! Wanna raid them back? That's gonna be difficult, they don't have a permanent base and go in convoys, shooting everybody on their way.

Don't bother to read this, W-Angels is dead T^T Curse you inactivity!
-Woet's Angels, [W-Angels]: Founded by yours truly, 39 posts Newbie Soul, the idea was born and raised in the IRC, used once and forgotten...Untill now! I've decided to refresh the faction, inspired by all the other ones, and currently rebuilding it into what you could call a 'training facility'. I aim at raising some promising players to the max, teaching them tips and tricks (including my own special ;)(maybe)) and hopefully supply the war-making factions with some top-notch mercenaries.

-Panau Armed Forces, [PAF]: A small but powerfull team powered by their sense of justice, aiming to keep terrorists and other scum of Panuan Islands. Even having their own military wiki ( they are a organised killing machine. Leading PAF to victory is 25 posts Newbie Dilin, also known as the president of Panua, Pandak Panay. They now offer the choice of joining many of their military branches, from Special Ops to an underwater unit?! (God knows what they have acces to...) Trollers and spawncampers beware!

-Pilot's Union, [PSU]: Are tired of all those fighting factions or you want to see the battle from above?  Or maybe those Helo's everywhere, always blowing you up when you want to chill with your buds? Well some others are too, united under 6 posts Newbie CasimirIII, these jet pilots shoot to kill, choppers and lone flying wolfs better watch their 6'o clock, it will be raining 50. Cal bullets on your ass. They can be found mostly in the north training their flying skills and bombrunning MHC!

-The Panaun Roadtrip Federation, [PAROFED]: Ever seen one of those big convoys on the roads of Panau? Big chance it was PAROFED, the faction for all roadtrippers out there. Leading the convoy is 28 posts Newbie SubZer0. Their goal is tripping out on the best roads in Panua, from the mountains to the coast, their Tour Guides will surely tell you which mountain you just fell off~!

-JCMP Dish Destruction Derby, [JCMP-DDD]: Introducing derby mode to JC2-MP was one of the best ideas the devs ever had, according to Triple D. Made by 169 posts Full Member dab88, commonly seen in almost every big faction ever made, the sole purpose of this group is creating the biggest chaos possible within /derby. Thought you have seen all the mayhem? Join this group and see if you're right.

-NothingPersonalGamers, [NPGamers/NPG]: Introduced by 7 posts Newbie Nasty, and made by some other dude, is the NPG faction. With the introduction of the base system, this group aims for total dominion and are already at war with (my own faction :3) W-Angels. Even though this faction is new, it should not be underestimated with 200+ members! Thing is, no-one knows how many of those 200+ players actually play JC2 since the Steam Group was not founded for JC2MP purposes.

-The Alliance: Rumor has it that ADV, PTS and UB might be making an alliance or at least a temporary truce, if ADF is left out we still don't know. Name speculations go from Panaudventularboytaxiservice [PAUBTS] to (what in my opion is a brilliant idea) Soul Rocks [Socks]...Yes I did make that up, now shush...

Update: Alliance exists and consists of the following factions: PTS, ADV, PSU, UB, PAF and PAROFED.
: This alliance contains some of the top factions in the game, both size and player skill, proceed with care!

Now choose, which faction must rule them all? Next test, make sure you're part of the decision!

The King Faction
Make the title yours!

Are you thinking: 'Hey, my faction should be on that list!', well stop whining and tell me why it should be on this list.  8)
(Like in the rules, state name (clan tag optional), founder, goal and if you can a thread/steam group with more info)

Thank Cross for the links  ;)

JC2-MP / Getting around Panau
« on: August 28, 2012, 07:47:39 pm »
I saw StootiGee's post and it was kinda hard to find out who used what, so I made this poll :3

JC2-MP / How did YOU find out about the JCMP mod?
« on: August 22, 2012, 08:21:29 pm »
Personally, I found out via Youtube, now how did you guys?!  8)

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