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Factions / MI6 (is back!)
« on: January 02, 2014, 09:49:39 am »

Yes, that's right! MI6 is back again, now without being "top secret".
Keeping the whole faction and its info classified was impossible to do. However, MI6 is still a spy/military faction, just without the secrecy. There's still one or two things which need to be kept secret, but that'll be it.

We aim to make Panau a safer place and we punish any criminals and criminal factions. We do that by spying, sabotaging, attacking them and so on. We'll also do missions together with our allies and we may do escort missions as well now and then.

Our home/main server is [US] Jman100's Ultimate Freeroam


MarkNL (leader)
(F1)MADKILLER! (co-leader)

Would you like to join MI6? Leave a reply in this forum thread!

Factions / FuN
« on: December 24, 2013, 10:48:52 pm »
Watch out JC2MP, 'cause there's a new faction in town! We present you: the FuN faction. The name says it all! It's all about fun, fun and even more fun!

We started the FuN faction for real today on [US EAST] Jman100's Freeroam with factions and more! and it was a succes! We had good ol' fun by doing all kinds of things, like boosting/colliding with huge planes, woeting with all kinds of vehicles and we also even did some rounds of Cops 'n Robbers. (Now Jman's even getting a Cops 'n Robbers plugin for his server because of us. xD)

So if you prefer having fun instead of all the roleplaying and you like screwing around pointlessly, then FuN is your faction!

To find us on Steam, search for FuN Faction or {FuN}Jc2!

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