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Download Here
or from link here
version 1.1.2

TJG_PlayerBounties lets your users set their own bounties for their enemies using their money.  Whomever kills the target wins the cash!  Targets must be online to set the bounty, but bounties are persistent - they can run but they can't hide forever!

  • /setbounty (reward) (player name) - sets the bounty and deducts reward from your money
  • /delbounty (name) - cancels the bounty and returns your money

No configurations necessary.  Bounties are stored in the SQLite DB.  I have only tested this on a small server, but it should be safe on a larger server as well.

version 1.1.2 changes
-- moved "total" variable where it should be (thanks riseing!)

Version 1.1.1 changes
-- check for suicides (player == killer)

Version 1.1 changes
  • Users do not need to enter the full name to set or delete a bounty. (even a few characters will work!)
  • Will set/del on first closest match to name - if it's the wrong player use /delbounty and then /setbounty again with more of the user's name
  • Fixed help menu addition (FireRegisteredEvent depreciated)

Planned for future update:
  • command to open in-game window for viewing current open bounties

As usual, if you have any issues please post them here - let me know if you find this useful!

Work in progress / Testing Complete - Player Bounties script
« on: December 21, 2013, 03:42:36 am »
Edit: Testing complete, release imminent!!


or link here

Version 1.0

TJG_EventProxy does not affect gameplay directly in any way.  This script listens for events on your server (such as PlayerJoin, PlayerDeath, etc.) and transmits them to a remote host as a JSON encoded string.  This can be useful in many ways for developers, for example sending data to a Node.JS server to be displayed on a web page.

Take a look at the script for configuration options at the top.  By default it transmits to localhost.  I have also included an example Node.js script that when run on the same server will listen for events and display them from the console (also includes very basic server auth by ip).

This script is not for everyone, but for those of you out there who can see the potential for this then have at it! ;D

You may use this script in any project, however I ask that you give me credit!


or link here
version 1.1.1

TJG_Paycheck will pay guests a daily bonus every 24 hours, as well as an additional bonus every X minutes they are active on your server!  Guests must log in in order to receive their daily bonus.

You can configure the amount of the daily bonus, as well as the active bonus and how often to pay.

Post bugs here, I will update as soon as I can - Let me know if you find this useful!

v1.1.1 changes:
-- deleted extra copy of script from github that was causing some issues
-- fixed paypertime chat spamming

v1.1 changes:
-- moved configurations to external file (shared/config.lua), so you will need to change settings there after upgrading.  besdies that change, this update does not break anything.
-- added chat message notifications
-- added help menu entries

v1.0.1 fixes:
-- fixed incorrect variable causing people to get paid bonus on every log in

Scripting support / Question for the devs regarding UDPSocket
« on: December 18, 2013, 01:21:23 pm »
Trying to call the constructor for UDPSocket and I'm getting nothing but errors.  Is this function available, and if so can it be used to create a new socket connection to a remote host (or even localhost?)  How is it properly called?

I tried calling "UDPSocket:Create()" but all I get is:

Code: [Select]
07:20:20 | [error] | Failed to run string in module modulename: No matching overload found, candidates:
07:20:20 | [error] | UDPSocket* Create(lua_State*)
07:20:20 | [error] | UDPSocket* Create(lua_State*,unsigned short)
07:20:20 | [error] | Callstack:
07:20:20 | [error] |    c function:-1: in function 'Create'

Scripting support / Client Windows: scroll control and word wrap
« on: December 17, 2013, 08:12:16 pm »
having some trouble with this and I imagine it's something simple I'm missing, but here goes:

I'm creating a window, and in that window I have added a scroll control.  Inside the scroll control I am using a label to hold a large chunk of text.  The scroll control works correctly, however the label text does not wrap unless I set SetWrap(true).  When I do that though, the text does not fill the scroll control window.  If I set the label size manually I can get it to work, however I would like the label to fill the scroll control area no matter what the size.  Here is my code:

Code: [Select]
        self.window = Window.Create()
self.window:SetSize( Vector2( 500, 400 ) )
self.window:SetPositionRel( Vector2( 0.5, 0.5 ) - self.window:GetSizeRel()/2 )
self.window:SetTitle( "Title Text" )

self.scroller = ScrollControl.Create(self.window)

self.content = Label.Create(self.scroller)
self.content:SetText("LOTS OF TEXT... seriously, like pages of it go here (edited for forum post...")

if you run that it works, but I don't want the self.content:SetSize manually set.  It should fill the area left vacant after adding the scroll control (scroll bar on the right, text on the left, text wrapped)

Help please?

Version 3.0
released Dec 23, 2013

or link here

TJG_Advertiser displays server advertisements and/or announcements in a simple and non-intrusive way, either via the in game chat, configurable on-screen text, or both!

TJG_Advertiser now combines features of the first two versions into a single script, allowing you to serve both chat-based and render-based ads using separate text files for each.  You can specify a default color for all ads, and/or specify the text color of each ad in their respective text files. You can enable or disable the features you do not need in the config file.

For render-based ads you can specify where on the screen to display the message (top, bottom, vertical center, left, right, horizontal center), as well as how long to display the message,  whether or not to fade in and out between messages (PRETTY!), and how long to wait until the next message is displayed.

For chat based ads you can specify how often to insert ads into chat (separate timer than the render ads).

All configurations are done in the shared/config.lua for easy setup.


Version 3.0 changes:
-- you can specify the text filename for ads in config.lua
-- render ads now use "render_ads.txt" by default
-- chat ads now use "chat_ads.txt" by default
-- all variable names have changed to differentiate between ad types

version 2.1 changes:
  • Configurable text size for ads.
  • Added configurable drop-shadow behind text for readability.

Please drop me a line if you find this useful in any way!  :)

This is just a simple script to announce via chat when a player joins or leaves the server.  No configurations necessary, just drop it in the scripts folder.

or link here

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