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Just Cause 3 / JC3 screenshots thread
« on: December 01, 2015, 06:55:48 am »
Played it for a few hours earlier, I got a few good screenshots so I thought I'd post them here, if anyone else wants to show some cool screenies they took post them here  ;D

These are all from the first area of the game really, I haven't had much of a chance to explore since I need to get to bed and didn't finish downloading the game 'til 1:30am... I Look forward to tomorrow  ;D

For those wondering, I'm running the game at mostly high/very high settings at around 40-50fps with a gtx 970m, and to anyone with an AMD card, I have heard about the terrible visual bugs, hope avalanche fix em for you soon :P

JC2-MP / One of the biggest roadtrips of all time
« on: December 24, 2014, 12:18:03 am »
The nerdcubed server just hosted one of the biggest roadtrips (and a little airtrip) I have ever seen, so big it brought me back to the days of beta.

Much fun was had.

Album link:

Note that you can only fit a certain amount of vehicles on the screen, check the minimap to see how many people were actually there... At some points it reached 300 people

More screenshots here:

Just Cause 3 / Just cause 3 won't feature MP upon release
« on: November 18, 2014, 04:50:37 am »

Considering the success of JC2-MP, one might think that Avalanche would make a multiplayer mode a priority for the release of Just Cause 3. Unfortunately, Avalanche’s official stance is that they are focusing on the single-player campaign at this time.

They have not ruled out the possibility of releasing a multiplayer DLC or update later.

Unfortunately, the modding community is similarly elusive. When we asked Cameron Foote (Trix), the co-creator of JC2-MP multiplayer mod if he would be interested in adding a multiplayer mode to Just Cause 3 when it releases, he simply said, “We'll see what happens.”

I'm a bit astounded and confused why they haven't commissioned the JC2MP team to develop a multiplayer mode for them given the success of jc2mp. (But knowing you guys you could have already been asked and are just being super secret about it as usual) ;)

Random / Free games from AkioUK & Jeff
« on: December 25, 2013, 11:01:12 am »

EDIT: This thread was posted at christmas 2013, and since then my old hard drive died, along with the notepad file that had all of my codes on it, so I'm afraid any that were left on my part are now gone forever (until I have some new ones to give away) but Jeff still has many, read below:


EDIT 2/4/2015: Jeff just messaged me with a new pastebin link to the games he has to give away (the old one stopped working) as he still has many games left!

Here is the link to his pastebin file:

If you want one, send him a PM here on the forum, click this link to send him a message:;sa=send;u=177


EDIT (Jan 2014): I know christmas was a while ago now but there are still a bunch of games left and Jeff is giving some away too (link at the bottom) so I've revived this topic :)

Since it's Christmas and all I figured I'd give away some game codes I have lying around to all you JCMP players :)

(I will give them away untill they are all taken, not just on christmas day)

Pick any one of these games, first come first served, some of them I have 3 or 4 codes of, others are very limited. Mostly Steam codes, few Origin and a few Desura.

I will put the number of codes available in brackets next to the name, then in red brackets how many codes have been taken. If you see that people have already requested this game more than the number available, please do not request it as they will already be gone, and I can't update the topic instantly.

Please leave a post with the game you would like, and your steam profile link, or just add me directly (my steam link is on my forum profile) (message me if I add you)

Steam games:

Saira [3] [1 taken]
Musaic Box [2]
Yumsters 2 [3]
Afterfall Insanity (extended ed.) [3] [1 taken]
Hammerfight [3] [1 taken]
Ignite [2] [all gone, sorry!]
Killing Floor (GOTY) [2] [all gone, sorry!]
Red Orchestra [3] [all gone, sorry!]
Red Orchestra 2 (GOTY) [3] [all gone, sorry!]
Train Simulator 2014 [2] [all gone, sorry!]
Mafia 2 [2] [all gone, sorry!!]
Men Of War: Condemned Heroes [1] [all gone, sorry!!]
Dear Esther [all gone, sorry!!]
The Showdown Effect [1] [all gone, sorry!]
DiRT 2 [1] [all gone, sorry!]
Hard Reset (extended ed.) [2] [all gone, sorry!]
The 39 Steps [1]
Lucius [1] [all gone, sorry!]
Star Wolves 3 [1]
Alien Spidy [1]
Dollar Dash [1]
Bang Bang Racing [1]
Huntsman: The Orphanage [1]
Spacechem [1]
C&C: Red Alert 3: Uprising [1] [all gone, sorry!]
Really Big Sky [1] [all gone, sorry!]
Clutch [1] [all gone, sorry!]

Desura games:

Knytt Underground [4]
Battlepaths [1]
Reflex [1]
Eryi's Action [1]
99 Levels to Hell [1]
Roaming Forest [1]

Origin games (donated by Bordmouse :) ):

Burnout Paradise Ultimate [1]
Dead Space [1]
Medal of Honor [1]

GRAND PRIZE: Metro: Last Light (steam gift) [1]

When all the other games are taken, I will gift this game at random to somebody who participated, I'll put all your post numbers in a random number generator, and whoever gets picked gets this game :)



If you want any of these, simply PM him by clicking this link:;sa=send;u=177


I can't reply to everybody *instantly*, but I will ASAP :)

happy holidays, and happy picking :)


JC2-MP / Final Test Cash Piles!
« on: December 08, 2013, 05:21:57 pm »
So as you can probably tell by seeing your chat spammed with "AkioUK wins the race!" (alongside Ben, Unmoon, Billman87), I'm trying to get as much money as possible, I'm gonna keep this topic up to date with each milestone I hit, and anyone else feel free to tell or post screenshots of how much cash you have :)

I hit $1 million, within the first day of the test :)

UPDATE 09/12/13: End of day 2 (for me), didn't play half as much as I did yesterday, lots of travelling, but still boosted it up to $1,337,000 ;)

UPDATE 10/12/13 End of day 3, a little more racing (and messing around), made quite a bit, finished on $2,100,000 :)

UPDATE 11/12/13 End of day 4 for me, forgot to take a screenshot before i stopped so using this one I took a bit earlier, i'm at exactly $2.8m at the moment :)

UPDATE 12/12/13 A lot of messing around, having fun and spending money today, still finished on 3.5m :)

UPDATE 13/12/13 End of day 6 for me. Didn't play as much today, and messed around a lot. Still won a fair few races, finished on $4m :) (still all from races alone)

UPDATE 14/12/13 End of day 7 (THE 'FINAL' DAY) so the test was extended until release, not sure if all of the other racers are carrying on, but many of us considered today as the last day. I finished at 4.8m (AKA the richest player on the server from 'legit' ways) might play the next few days as well, but not as much :)

UPDATE 15/12/13 End of day 8: Didn't race much at all today, may as well enjoy the last 2 days (racing gets boring after a while). Still, may as well continue this 'end of day --' tradition, I finished day 8 on 5.2m :p

UPDATE 16/12/13 End of day 9: Did a bit of racing today, and also received a few little server-wide donations from devs, finished at $6.1m. Test ends at 5pm UK time tomorrow, so I guess this is kinda the last day, will probably spend it all tomorrow :)

Pretty sure I won at least 500 races :p

UPDATE 16/12/13 THE FINAL UPDATE: So, I went to bed early so I wouldn't be to tired to catch the last hour of the test, but when I woke up they had already stopped it to get ready for release.

Sadly, I didn't get a screenshot of my money before I went to bed, as I was going to do it at the very end. Needless to say, I finished at around 6.8m. Most of that is from races, and then server wide donations from devs, and a few bounties. From races alone, probably around 6.2m. I probably spent around 1m throughout the test (especially on the last day) as well.

This was the last screenshot I took, where I glitched inside the building at the airport with 1m bounty. I had spent quite a lot at this point, so ignore the cash stack...

Thanks for playing! Now post your screenshots!

Community Projects / JC2 Wallpapers
« on: September 08, 2013, 09:46:47 pm »
I made a few wallpapers out of some screenshots I took, some of them are in different sizes, Might make a few more soon, in the meantime:

Here's some previews (for full res, click the link above):

JC2-MP / JC2-MP Screenshots!
« on: September 07, 2013, 12:36:58 am »
I took quite a few screeny's during the last test (The first one I'd actually written down to remember, after missing so many >.>)

If any of you would like to check them out:

(You might even see some of yourselves ;))

Anyone else take some nice shots? link them, I'd love to see :)


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