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Scripting support / What im doing wrong (Network:Send)
« on: December 26, 2013, 08:00:37 pm »
This is quite embarassing, but what the heck im doing wrong?
The error message is this:
"try to index local 'player' a nil value"
Here's how I call (clientside) the function:
Code: [Select]
Network:Send( "CtS_UpdateFaction" ) And this is my serverside code:
Code: [Select]
Network:Subscribe( "CtS_UpdateFaction", self, self.CtS_UpdateFaction )

function GK7Factions:CtS_UpdateFaction( player )
local qry = SQL:Query( "select * from gk7rp_factions where steamid = (?)" )
qry:Bind( 1, player:GetSteamId().id )
And at qry:Bind it displays the error. The strange thing is, I have kind of the same function twice and in the other one it works without a thing :/


GK7_Votekick Download

- Highly configurable
- Admin support

Votekick someone: /votekick <playername> [reason]
Adminmanagement: /votekickadmin <del/add> <playername> <password>
Abort votekick(admin only): /votekickabort
You can find and change the password in your config (see >Configuration for more information)

1. Choose a download link
2. Download the .zip from GitHub
3. Extract the .zip
4. Copy the 'gk7_votekick' folder into your /scripts/ folder

Configure it
Go into your /scripts/gk7_votekick/server/ and open gk7_votekick.lua with notepad.
On line 5 you will find the config, it's really self explanatory.
Make sure you change your admin password!
If you want to change the commands, go to 45 and change the "/command"'s to "/yourcommand".

24.12.13 - V1.1.1
  • fixed a breaking bug

22.12.13 - V1.1
  • added adminmanagement
  • added abort command
  • added time display

21.12.13 - V1.0

Scripting support / Deleting something from a BaseWindow
« on: December 21, 2013, 05:57:34 pm »
Edit: Well I solved it, can't delete the thread tough.

So here is in short form, my problem:
I have a vgui with a new tab for every skill my job has. The problem is, when I change class, the old tab from the other class is still there, and I don't know how to delete the old one.

This is my CreateCategory function, where the category gets created (Inventory is standard, but the skills need to get a new tab)
Code: [Select]
function GK7Inv:CreateCategory( category_name, description )
    local t = {}
    t.window = BaseWindow.Create( self.window )
    t.window:SetDock( GwenPosition.Fill )
    t.button = self.tab_control:AddPage( category_name, t.window )

    t.tab_control = TabControl.Create( t.window )
    t.tab_control:SetDock( GwenPosition.Fill )

if category_name == "Inventory" then
-- not important
t.contents = Label.Create( t.window )
t.contents:SetText( description )
t.contents:SetDock( GwenPosition.Center )

    t.categories = {}

    self.categories[category_name] = t

    return t

Is there any way to delete all tabs at once? I already tried to delete everything from self.categories, doesn't quite work.


Releases / GK7_Motd - Display Motd/Rules on player join [V1.4]
« on: December 21, 2013, 01:31:02 pm »

GK7_Motd Download

- Open MOTD on player join
- Open it again with a command or key
- Highly configurable

1. Choose a download link
2. Download the .zip from GitHub
3. Extract the .zip
4. Copy the 'gk7_motd' folder into your /scripts/ folder

Configure it
Go into your /scripts/gk7_motd/client/ and open gk7_motd.lua with notepad.
On line 5 you will find the config, it's really self explanatory.
If you want to change the /motd command, you can if you go into /scripts/gk7_motd/server/ and open gk7_motd.lua with notepad go to line 16 and change "/motd" to "/yourcommand".

13.01.14 - V1.4:
  • - Added option don't spawn player until Motd is closed (thanks to @Jman100)

07.01.14 - V1.3:
  • - Added a configurable openkey
  • - Added color example

26.12.13 - V1.2.1:
  • - Added a serverside config

23.12.13 - V1.2:
  • - Added an option to let the player use controls while the MOTD is active

21.12.13 - V1.1:
  • - Couple of bugfixes
  • - Edited config section for more understandability

21.12.13 - V1.0

Scripting support / Get Local Player?
« on: December 20, 2013, 02:00:30 pm »

Is there any way to retrieve the Player Object from the client? (LocalPlayer() didnt work)
It's because I need to send the Player Object with
Code: [Select]
Network:Send( "UpdateItems" ) to the server, but I don't know how to get the Player Object to my serverside function.


Scripting support / How to retrieve the length of an array?
« on: December 18, 2013, 09:11:33 pm »
#t doesn't work.
Code: [Select]
for i=1, #aJobs doError:
Code: [Select]
Converting nullptr to instances
table.getn(t) doesn't work.
Code: [Select]
for i=1, table.getn(aJobs) doError:
Code: [Select]
attempt to call field 'getn' (a nil value)
Code: [Select]
aJobs = {}

aJobs[1] = {} -- Mafia
aJobs[1]["name"] = "Gangster" -- Display name
aJobs[1]["desc"] = -- Description
"Dies ist der Gangster.\n"..
"Hier kommt ein Icon rein.\n"..
"Blab er ist kriminell baum."
aJobs[1]["models"] = {} -- Models the job use
aJobs[1]["models"][1] = 39 -- Thug2
aJobs[1]["models"][2] = 78 -- Thug Boss
aJobs[1]["models"][3] = 69 -- Witness

aJobs[2] = {} -- Police

Scripting support / How to navigate with .lua to a directory above
« on: December 17, 2013, 08:48:44 pm »
I have something like this.
Code: [Select]

How can I include the config.lua with include() or dofile() from the init.lua?

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