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Releases / Small collection of GameEvents
« on: March 16, 2014, 01:15:47 am »
I made this Small collection of GameEvents in teamwork with Misterff1 and with help from Jman


"Dish"'s commands: /dish1, /dish2, /dish3
Opens the "drop-door" in the middle of the dish and brings out the "launcher"

"Tower"'s command: /tower
Blows up the Panau TV/Broadcast Tower

"Dome"'s commands: /dome1, /dome2, /dome3
Opens the Mt Rushmore's mouth revealing the entrance to the dome, then breaks the dome's "ceiling" and then destroys the dome

The separate "Mouth" script in the collection is not finished / fixed yet and gives an error msg but its command is in the "Dome"

"Rico"'s commands: /yea, /sing
Makes Rico laugh and sing

"VehOnFire"'s command: /cfire
Makes vehicles catch fire

"Simple Afkmode": Makes the player invulnerable AND frozen invisible when typing /afkon until the player types /afkoff i made it with frozen invisibility so that noob playaz wont be able to abuse it with only getting invulnerability in afkmode and still running around, and although playaz can open the buymenu but whatever they would buy while they are in /afkon they cant move with it so they cant abuse afkmode this way neither

"Simple Godmode": Makes the player invulnerable when typing /godon until the player types /godoff


I'll add more to it later.
Any bugreports, oppinions, tips, etc. are accepted.

Scripting support / Stronghold gates and base gates
« on: February 19, 2014, 01:52:15 am »
Can the default stronghold gates be removed?
I mean since theres the sharkatron, and since this script
Opening stronghold doors
Code: [Select]
function StrongholdDoors:__init()
self.strongholds = {
Vector3( -3000.255,245.3961,12743.33 ),
Vector3( 557.3547,1179.563,-7246.511 ),
Vector3( 11577.3,228.0705,-9371.375 ),
Vector3( -3392.792,190.8312,8814.813 ),
Vector3( -10699.12,381.8536,11071.68 ),
Vector3( 9078.66,202.9968,1485.909 ),
Vector3( -14871.19,196.2978,-2944.443 )
self.timer = Timer()
self.PTEvent = Events:Subscribe( "PostTick", self, self.PT )
function StrongholdDoors:PT()
if self.timer:GetMilliseconds() <= 1000 then return end
local lp_pos = LocalPlayer:GetPosition()
local sqrt = math.sqrt
for k,v in pairs(self.strongholds) do
local dist = lp_pos:DistanceSqr( v )
if dist < 250000 then
if k == 1 then
Game:FireEvent( "t{go500.01({967466FA-4C87-422A-ACF5-042B67E922B5})}::fadeOutGate" )
elseif k == 2 then
Game:FireEvent( "t{go500.01({9695B812-73C4-4D86-86FF-AEC430816869})}::fadeOutGate" )
elseif k == 3 then -- ular
Game:FireEvent( "t{go500.01({F7CD6FAE-EFCE-4CA4-A1C4-6944D228139F})}::fadeOutGate" )
elseif k == 4 then
Game:FireEvent( "t{go500.01({FD92A809-89AC-4D64-BC1C-335FD22F5B83})}::fadeOutGate" )
elseif k == 5 then -- reapers
Game:FireEvent( "t{go500.01({927DC663-1EAA-4D87-810F-36F8581CBE7D})}::fadeOutGate" )
Game:FireEvent( "t{go500.01({8EB05652-74A1-4DA6-B24F-E77803AB4B6B})}::fadeOutGate" )
elseif k == 6 then
Game:FireEvent( "t{go500.01({EC54E85D-45ED-46A8-8E31-3B32DEE1D5FC})}::fadeOutGate" )
Game:FireEvent( "t{go500.01({86D114AF-77FD-44CC-B861-5F6C77ED03A0})}::fadeOutGate" )
SDoors = StrongholdDoors()

from here: 
doesnt seem to open any stronghold gates, it would be easier to make a moving gate from a fence object or something similar but that would mean the default gates should be removed first if possible.

Scripting support / Full Game-Event list needed for FireEvent
« on: February 17, 2014, 01:12:33 pm »
To make a script with commands for the "special game events" like Jman's server has with /dish /dome etc. the full event list is needed. Well i dont think this site here has the full event list
but it says
To find the event names, you must extract them from the game's mission files yourself. This is a complex process and is not explained here.

Well then where is it explained?

I extracted some mission files with Gibbed's tools from the game's pack files but dunno where to look for all the events in those files and how, since the game's pack files at the mission part are full of *.BLZ files which i cant view with anything and only 1 file i was able to convert from bin to xml but even that doesnt show exact event names or things that i could start from so i really dunno how and where to get the full event list.

Any helpful ideas?

Scripting support / [QUESTION] About: Chat Window, Font Size, Font Type
« on: December 30, 2013, 04:19:43 pm »
Hi all.

Is it possible to change the size of the chat window so that if someone runs the game in 800x600 or 1024x768 resolutions then the window would not take so much space from the screen?

Is it possible to change the font type and font size of the one that the chat window uses?

Troubleshooting / Any solutions to "FATAL DIRECTX ERROR CODE 2"?
« on: December 29, 2013, 03:22:18 pm »
Who knows what causes this error when someone launches JC2 and what is the solution to this?

exclude the following from the possible solutions list: directx updating, video card driver updating, monitor driver updating and these 2 solutions written on steam here
and here
cuz these were tried out but didnt help at all

JC2-MP / Gamemode of the test week needed
« on: December 17, 2013, 09:27:59 am »
I need the gamemode of the last beta test week with all the scripts (most of all the factions and racing scripts) cuz some of the default scripts didnt work properly at first start so i had to get them again from github and im missing the factions and racing script too, the racing script i got from github needs a DLC so i wanna get the one that ran during the test week which doesnt need any dlc's. I also need the Derby script that ran on the test server cuz with the one i got the cars suffer much less damage than they did on the test server!
I' also need the full command list that these scripts use ingame cuz i only found kinda old steam community page with a command list but many commands from that page didnt work during the last test week!

Plz help with links to get these.
Thanks in advance.

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