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Releases / Webinterface
« on: January 10, 2014, 08:50:13 pm »
Hello I´m Marv24 other known as lucienn3.
I just saw that this community grows really good so I thought a web interface for control the server would be awesome.

It is not done yet I just release the code... Everyone who want to help me to get it done.. Or has ideas to make it better faster etc is welcome to fork the code and help me.
When some people are working really really good they coming collaborators in the main project. ;)

Finish: 80%

Not done:
server start
- Since Multiserver... How to check if the server is allready running... Have to come up with a idea... :X
server status(list)


- in general checks if the data is readable.

- List
- Change password
- change active, inactive
- create
- delete

- Autodetect config.lua
- Checks if the binary is executable

- English support is for every yet created page done
- German support is for every yet created page done



- Server Status ( )
Im using a class for this which is public. It will stay in the credits and readme etc...


Version 1.0


You can choose which user can see and controll which server.
You can turn accounts active or inactive or just easily change the password.

- No MySQL, SQL etc.
This web interface works just with php and the config files from the server it self.

- Server "Knowledge"
Server which are already created will be just drag & drop in the server folder and will be directly known from the system. The system reads the config.lua and shows so always the correct Port, Name usw. from the Server.

- Server creating
One click.. The Webinterface automatically detects your system and installs a server for you with your config. Config is Name, Port and some other important configurations which show you if this server would even run.

- Server start
The Webinterface tests before a start if the Port is complete free and if not it sends a message to you. If it is free it will run the server.

- Multilang ( via data changeable )
Default is english, german is from beginning on supported.

- Multiuser

- Security
We created a System so that you can configure how long some one can use a Form within a certain time.


Version 2:


It installs a bot plugin on your server, when you click install and then He will allow you to see all online players, and then tell him to kick or ban people via web interface.
You can send a text to All or certain people. Which you can choose from the web interface.

- prozess watcher
It keeps track of your server and looks if it is running... If not it restarts... It starts with the server and is configured on the server port from the server start. So if you want to reconfigure it shutdown the server and click start again.

- config
Config is complete changeable from the web interface. ( requirements for this are already given since V 1.0)




Any comments about this idea?

Suggestions / Chat system
« on: January 04, 2014, 01:24:13 am »
I would like to have the opportunity to send something in the chat and tell it the color aswell and tell him when "Nextline" you know?

Like in java possible:

System.ou.print("green text");
System.out.println("blabla blue text");

for the purpose like

messages like:
"Mr Lucien said: " in black
and then "blabla chat.."

and together it looks like "Mr Lucien said: blabla chat.."

but other colors?


Scripting / Cars
« on: December 29, 2013, 08:54:18 pm »
Is there a opportunity that you can check if someone enters a car and then block this ?
from the server side?
and when not
how to do it with the client side?

Scripting / Lua plugins?
« on: December 24, 2013, 07:02:38 pm »
How I can install plugins like


Processed / Umlaut is not working
« on: December 23, 2013, 04:28:53 am »
I´m coming from the german fanbase of the Multiplayer.

It would be really nice, if you fix the Chat bug so that umlaute are able to show and not something weird.

Regards Marv24

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