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I see a few threads every week with the same resolution of going through the Crimson driver fixes. This is naturally to be expected since there's such a wide range of users using Crimson drivers, but we could at least have some pre-emptive help available.

When downloading an image from there at startup, it's always scaled oddly - but when you're not, it's scaled properly.

I heard there may be a patch soon so if this is already known, my apologies.

Releases / LightBuilder
« on: February 20, 2016, 04:49:14 am »
A script that lets you build with lights as one would build with StaticObjects using the popular build tools.

Made this a while ago for a server that went under, but I just remembered it and figured it might be useful. After I tweaked it a bit to make it more user-friendly and...working, I think some people might appreciate it. Especially useful to go alongside build scripts with StaticObjects.

Almost all information regarding usage and info for server owners is in the, on Github...

...which you can find here

Can we change the background images? I've seen these very orange ones for far too long.

I don't have any good ones myself (all blurred to hell because of the DoF effect when completing bases, or have Rico in them to the sides so would be visible), but I'm sure someone has some very nice images.

Work in progress / [Beta] Lightsabers
« on: January 03, 2016, 08:43:17 pm »
Lightsabers is a script that I have made which uses dreadmullet's OBJ importer to import custom models, in order to create an authentic-looking lightsaber. The script uses ClientLights and the Model class to achieve this.

You will start with your lightsaber sheathed. Press G to start using it. Q (or whatever you have melee bound to) will move it, or you can just run at people with it.

Use the commands "/lightsaber blue" or red, or green, to change lightsabers. At the moment, I have models for Luke's lightsaber from ROTJ, Anakin's lightsaber/Luke's first lightsaber, and Darth Vader's lightsaber.

Please note that the lightsabers screenshotted were done so without legacy render, and with bloom on. These settings provide the best results. If you do not have legacy rendering on, depth testing will be turned off and the handles won't look very good.

A simple raycasting call determines whether your lightsaber is about to cut someone's limbs off (or a vehicle's tyres) and damages them accordingly (almost completely client-side, with additional server verification).

Screenshots (click for full size):

"No, Rico, I am your father!"

He will join the Dark Side soon enough...

Guess I'll be rescuing Solo...solo. (⌐■_■)

For scripters/server owners:

The script requires those OBJ files in the base directory. On a client loading the module, the client will request the 6 models in the server directory and cache them, and then use them to construct all models.

Depending on your user's internet connection to the server, the time this takes will vary. From my locally hosted server to me (i.e. 0 ping) the average loading time for models (which will be necessitated on the client of a player joining, or on all clients if the module is reloaded), tends to be from 1.3 seconds to 2 seconds.

The models and data that is transmitted is of a size around 500 KB.

For scripters who want to extend the script:

The script uses a class system to make a lightsaber an object, which has members including position, bound player, angle, hilt and blade model, etc. You can 'construct' a lightsaber like so:

Code: [Select]
Lightsaber(model, lightColor, modelname, player, hilt, bone, bone_s, position, position_s, angle, angle_s)
The properties, in order, are as follows. Bold denotes a required argument.:
  • Model: the Model object that represents the active, unsheathed lightsaber
  • LightColor: the Color object that the ClientLight should be
  • modelname: the filename of the Model's OBJ file, minus extension. Currently not in use, but required anyway, for possible identification purposes.
  • player: The player who's lightsaber this is. Used to index in a table (and so this player will be the one who damages people, and the one who can sheath/unsheath), and to save preferences.
  • hilt: The Model object that will be drawn when the lightsaber is sheathed.
  • Bone: the bone that the lightsaber should be attached to, if no position is given later on. If not given, defaults to left hand.
  • Bone_s: the bone that the lightsaber should be attached to when sheathed.
  • position: the position that the lightsaber should assume by default. The current script modifies this every render frame, from a function outside of the class, using the class' SetPosition method.
  • position_s: the position that the lightsaber should assume, when sheathed, by default. See note above about being changed every frame outside of the class.
  • angle/angle_s: The angle used by default when not sheathed/sheathed, respectively (you get the drill). Also changed every frame outside of the class

The script does require a player to be tied to a lightsaber, so doing something like having a lightsaber on display isn't possible without modifying the class itself. However, custom position means that if you were really willing, you could add things like throwing lightsabers. Or, with some modelling skill and by seperating the blade from the hilt model and using scaled transformaton, you could try making activation animations and dual bladed lightsabers, using angles and postions (n.b. that would be a huge pain in the ass if not impossible)

The class contains a number of methods:

  • SetModel(newModel): takes a Model object as argument, and starts drawing that instead
  • SetLightColor(newColor): takes a Color object and sets the integrated ClientLight to be that color.
  • Remove(): deletes the light and makes the class nil
  • SetPosition(newPos): sets the drawing position of the model and light to the given Vector3
  • GetBone(): returns the bone that the lightsaber was defined to be attached to
  • GetBone_s(): returns the bone that the lightsaber was defined to be attached to when sheathed
  • SetAngle(newAngle): sets the drawing angle to the given Angle object
  • SetPosition_s(newPos): sets the sheathed drawing position to the given Vector3
  • SetAngle_s(newAngle): sets the sheathed drawing angle to the given Angle
  • SetHilt(newModel): sets the sheathed model to the given Model object

Known issues:
  • Some people may experience high loading times for the models if they are far away from the server and/or their internet connection is sub-optimal. If there is enough demand, I may work on an alternative loading method that would allow such users to download the files (outside of the game) and reduce connection delay. This method would check for files in a certain directory, and if they are found, would load from them instead of from the server.

    However, I do not believe that the issue of loading times is great enough to where this is needed.


Suggestions / Custom animations?
« on: December 15, 2015, 08:10:06 pm »
A transmission from the rebels on Endor has requested it.

Scripting support / Transform3s with Model behaving oddly
« on: December 08, 2015, 09:58:58 pm »
When I translate to the player's hand (and the angle of his hand) I get some strange results.

This code:

Code: [Select]
OptimusPrime = Transform3()

Events:Subscribe("GameRender", function()
if MyModel then
local boneangle = LocalPlayer:GetBoneAngle("ragdoll_RightHand")

local headpos = LocalPlayer:GetBonePosition("ragdoll_RightHand")



produces this:

Removing the rotation produces this:

I want to make it so that the player is holding the lightsaber - i.e. the model goes to the position and angle I have defined.

How do I do this? I have a Model object, just no way to show it.

Suggestions / New argument to Player:Ban(): Time, in hours
« on: September 27, 2015, 01:11:54 am »
This is for temporary bans.

Now, I know you can simply have a script that pardons players after a while. But there's one problem: if that module were to be unloaded, or rewritten somehow, a temp-banned player would stay banned. On a secondary note, it would also allow for the remainder of the ban to be shown when the player tries to join.

It's just not robust enough. We need an API way to do this.

You may be aware of some fade transitions when a player dies or loads in, that dim the screen by fading in black slightly. Unfortunately, these transitions will render even over postrender, so custom death screen scripts are affected by them

The game stops working immediately after starting up to a blank, white screen. This is followed by the standard Windows error message saying that the program has stopped working. This issue affects both the main game and the multiplayer mod.

My system specs are as follows:
  • Intel i5-4430 Quad-Core CPU
  • 8GB RAM
  • 2xGTX 760 in SLI
  • Windows 10

Short of a complete OS reinstall, I have tried most solutions on the Internet, from obvious to obscure:

  • Reinstalling GPU drivers/updating them
  • Verifying game cache
  • Reinstalling base game
  • Disabling SLI
  • Disabling Steam Overlay
  • I do not have any programs such as FRAPS which use an overlay
  • Reinstalling/repairing VC redist and DirectX, both from direct links and binaries found in the game directory
  • Replacing certain corrupt DLLs which were the root of the problem for others
  • /failsafe and /windowed launch options, both in tandem and individually
  • Disabling decals by setting everything to lowest possible via GeForce Experience

Bug reports / Forum BBCode buttons don't work on Microsoft Edge
« on: August 28, 2015, 03:37:30 am »
Probably not something that can be manually resolved, but perhaps an update to the forum software could fix it?

Releases / [C#] Simple Base64 Desktop Converter
« on: January 26, 2015, 07:41:38 pm »
This is a simple thing that I wrote to speed up the process of converting images to Base64 form, which you need to do to use them in your scripts.

Here's what it looks like:

This has several advantages over the existing websites:

  • It's drag-and-drop. You can even drag an image from a webpage!
  • It can be accessed offline
  • Since it was built by me with the API in mind, it automatically adds the Image.Create stuff, including the brackets and endquotes at the end (no more scrolling through large strings to do that when you forget. There is a checkbox to not do this, if you want.
  • It has a copy to clipboard button



You can use it from the ZIP file, but for long-term use, I would recommend placing it in a folder (with all the files that come with it). There is no installer; just run the EXE,  and drop your file where the big text is.

Interested in the source? Here is is:

Work in progress / Profile Picture Utilities
« on: January 14, 2015, 08:09:09 pm »


As per the readme, the script is in very early stages.

This is a module which allows users to extend their own scripts by allowing easy access to player profile pictures.
You may configure the script in shared/settings.lua.

Note: the script requires an API key. Insert your API key into the field that asks for it in shared/settings.lua. If you don't do this, the script will warn you. You may get an API key at

If you do use the script, and run into an issue, please report it using the issue tracker.

Credit to Trix, Jman100 and SK83RJOSH who helped with the installation of LuaSocket!

Has anyone else noticed this? If I set any area around Lost Island as my server's spawn, I get a stuck loading screen every time I die. I haven't noticed this anywhere else

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