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Factions / PeaceKeepers Military [JC2MP][Divisions][Roleplay]
« on: December 04, 2015, 08:28:27 pm »
Who are the Peacekeepers?
The Peacekeepers are an organised army which deal with many threat within Panau. We are very versatile with a team of experienced players that get the job done but we are also happy to accept new people because this would lead us to teach them and further help them develop their skills.

We are reaching out to members of the public to join our organisation and be a part of something new and exciting. We do roleplay quite often and we love to see our men shine with confidence and show off their skills. We do regular drills and practices to keep our soldiers on top form.

We are also split into different divisions to help manage our clan/faction. The divisions are: Cobra's, Falcon's and Shark's. They all have different and unique roles which provide heavily to the PeaceKeepers.


Cobra Division - Infantry
The Cobra division is the heart and sole of the PeaceKeepers as they support all other divisions as well as doing their own things. They are the main ones to respond and that ones that show/create and image for the clan. They are Trained to the finest and are virtually unstoppable in numbers.
Their vehicles come in such a verity, from jeeps to tanks!

Falcon Division - Air Units
The Falcon division is a team of highly train flyers who operate the Si-47 Leopard which is a fully kitted out military grade jet. This jet packs missiles which can tear a part many bases from all angles this is why the pilots are trained to perfection as they do multiple flying test.

Shark Division - Naval Units
The Shark division is to be feared, the use heavy military guns that are shielded and mounted upon the armor plated boats which can shed tears in the enemy's eye. These group of elite gunmen and boas drivers are some of the best Panau has to offer and can destroy a base from 500-1000m away!

Here is a list of ranks from the beginning to the end, people who first join will do through the Cadet ranks as training.
-Training Ranks
-Progression Ranks
-High Ranks
  • Recruit
  • Cadet
  • Private
  • Lance Corporal
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Second Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Colonel
  • General
How to join & want more information?
You can very easily contact me through Steam, you can also come onto a temporary Teamspeak server here.
Email - [email protected]
Steam account - DJGamingX
Teamspeak -

Factions / Faction - "Unknown" (Hitmen) (Contracts) (Jobs)
« on: April 03, 2015, 05:43:40 pm »
Faction Name - "Unknown"


My faction are very discrete and only accept jobs that are meaningful and can be paid at the right price. You have probably never heard of us because we don't want to be heard of, that's the reason I'm not going to tell you my faction name. We live in the shadows and nobody knows who we are. Want a job done right? then contact me and we could sort out something but of cause we don't just give away our service, we are professionals remember. We also take role-playing seriously if you haven't noticed by now but sometimes we like to relax and mess around.


We have many factions and people that hire us to come on a server and do what they want us to do for a price, we like to call them contacts. We also do some training every now and then but of cause there has to be some fun right? we are never 100% role-play we like to mess around and talk about other stuff that why on our teamspeak we have multiple games that are available to play. Our teamspeak is join us!


Our rules are simple and easy to follow. Join our teamspeak to get more information.


We have two allies that don't mind me saying they are allied with us. They are the following...
-Revolution Gaming


Our common enemy's are the following...
-EST Men

We are willing to accept people into our faction but if you want to be apart of us then you will go through some simple training which will last the minimum of 20 minutes and the maximum of 1 hour. The training days are Friday-Sunday you are allowed to miss a few days, any more and it will result in a kick from the faction. You will learn the way we kill, quick and clean.


If you ever need our services then these are the jobs we currently offer...
-Self Protection - We offer protection for one person for a range of times/prices.
Below 1 hour = £500, 1 hour = £1,000, 2 Hours = £2,000, Above 2 hours = £3,000
-Group Protection - We offer protection for a group of any number for a range of times/prices.
Below 1 hour = £1,000, 1 hour = £2,000, 2 Hours = £4,000, Above 2 hours = £5,000
-Bounty - Pay us money to assassinate another person.
1 person = £500, 2 people = £1,000, Above 2 people = £3,000
-Attack Another Faction/group - We can attack another faction/group until they are no more.
10 people = £5,000, 20 people = £10,000 Above 20 people = £20,000
-Propriety Protection - Hire us to protect your propriety.
Small Building = £1,000, Medium Building = £3,000, Large Building = £5,000
And many more services are available, just ask and we could make a deal...


If you are thinking of applying for our faction then download the Application forum & Info.txt down below and then contact me via Email, Steam or by joining our teamspeak saying that you have filled it out and want to join.

Leader/General - DJGamingX
Co-leader - Scareface4698
Captain - Avaliable Slot

If you want to Email/contact me then do so here...
Email: [email protected]
Steam: DJGamingX
Teamspeak IP:

Factions / [BlackDragon] Just cause 2 clan
« on: February 01, 2015, 09:20:29 pm »
Faction deleted.
New faction here...,5465.0.html

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