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JC2-MP / Panau Building Server
« on: June 07, 2018, 02:00:18 pm »
Panau Building Server - Under Development

A server where you can build whatever you want is what i am currently trying to develop , i am a beginner in lua so it might take some time to release. Survival District was closed 2 years ago without notice , and since i am a huge fan of building bases i decided to make a building server where i can enjoy building different things.

I will post updates on this thread

JC2-MP / GWEN skin?
« on: September 28, 2016, 10:43:04 pm »
Anyone knows where to get GWEN skins from?

jc2/images/gui/skins.png ?

i would create my own but i am not that good in Photoshop so anyone knows of a source to get GWEN skins from?

Troubleshooting / error code 3
« on: March 08, 2016, 08:17:03 pm »

i tried using the "extended screen" method , the launch command as well no fix

Factions / SingleValued[SV] Clan is recruiting!
« on: January 15, 2016, 09:39:23 pm »
    [sV] is a clan that consists of people that trust each other ,and want to have fun. We are a multi gaming clan but we mostly play Just cause 2 , World Of Tanks , Grand Theft Auto , Battlefield 4, and many other games that we also play! We like to train new comers that come join the Survival District server, and make them a more knowledgeable player! We also like to have fun playing together with other clan mates!

    For all the people who are interested in joining our clan we currently have 24 members(We still have to invite everyone into the new group though) i will place up a application form right here:
    We are looking for:

    Players who have achieved a respectable level of skill in JC2 at the moment.
    Players who have potential to be competitive.
    Players who show respect and get along well with others.
    Players who are willing to learn and understand that everyone always has more to learn.
    Players who can be trusted and does not break any logic server rules and forum rules ect.

    If you seriously feel this is you, then please follow these instructions to request membership in our clan.

    If you fail to read this post thoroughly, your application will be declined or deleted.
    This information is needed to evaluate you as a possible candidate for [sv].

    #1 Play on the "Survival District" Server, and be present there often.

    #2 Be active on the Steam Group( )

    #3 To Apply simply go to our website ( Register , and post the application form! NO APPLICATION FORMS WILL BE ACCEPTED ON THIS FORUM

    If you have an incomplete APP, edit your APP with the missing info only, DO NOT start a new APP

    Answer these Questions:

    1 ) Have you played on the "Survival District" Server and do you plan to be present there often?

    2 ) Do you plan to spend a significant amount of time on the "Survival District" Server For example how many hours per day?

    3 ) Do you plan to be an active member of the forum/steamgroup?

    Your Steam Account Name (so that we can add you to our friends list):

    Your Age:

    Any special skills or advanced skill with respect to JC2 or any other game for that matter:

    Why I would like to be considered for the clan:

    As a test to see what kind of person you are and what you would do under some circumstances, we have a few questions for you to answer regarded the "Survival District" JC2 server.

    1) You are looting and find a "server" noob who finds valuable loot and you know it has something good inside, What do you do?):

    2) You find a few loot boxes however you see 3 people looting them and sharing it. What do you do?):

    3) You meet someone when roaming around talk and play with him/her, after awhile he/she trusts you enough to tell you about this glitch he/she figured out that would make you be able to get unlimited rockets. What do you do?):

    4) A noob offers a bad trade on his part, What do you do?):

    5) If a friend of yours is hacking in the clan and u are the only one that knows it, What do u do?):

    6) You going around the city minding your own business then suddenly 3 players jump right next to you starting to shooting you with guns and rocket launchers, You have ammo and weapons for Rocket Launcher, Sniper, Machine gun. What do you do?):

    Who asked you to join sV/Where have you been told about sV?):

    Why do you want to be in sV (Please explain yourself clearly):

    ---end of application form---

    Finally, to prove that you read this whole post, please copy the following text into your application post:

    <ツ\/|I fEel iT|/\ツ>

    Good luck!

    What will you get from joining [sV]?

    • - A lot of fun playing with other members of the clan
       - You will have access to the clan base that consists of almost 3,000 walls built by me(The quantity has almost tripled since)
       - You get to earn more experience , and knowledge in game mechanics!

    [Note] When you apply please fill in the application form above the thread! and Submit it(It is required)

    Previous Projects i've had!

    [Previous Clan base]


    JC2-MP / New Survival Server Server Suggestions and Request/Help
    « on: June 17, 2015, 06:55:48 pm »
    Hey Jc2:mp community

    Yes i know there is already a survival server but the Server Owner cares only about new comers rather than old players as well as he's pretty much strict on the state of Survival well for me i wanna make a server that is rather more fun than just Surviving , and building bases etc... I Don't have the required knowledge in this but don't worry i'll have it under control in the upcoming weeks by reading what Google has to offer as well as the Book , if you would join me that would be great , if not then that would also be great. Leave your suggestions of what you want to see and what would you want to call the main game currency? The Far most suggested Currency name is "BottleCaps".

    As well to mention this in Regarding Bans i have a different system , I Don't believe in perma bans they as far wouldn't alter  the mentality of the banned player no matter what he would either create/buy another account and get in and do the same thing he used to do but my ban system is different.

    1) Warning(No penalty , Just a verbal warning)
    2) 2nd Warning" Removal of exploiting materials(If there was) or if using cheats then recover the stuff that he has taken from other people that he killed back to the owners , and the items would be removed from his account.
    3) 1 Week ban
    4) 2 Week ban
    5) 1month , and goes the cycle.

    This ban system would rather change the mentality and make the Suspect correct his mistakes. But what if these abusers were ass holes? well they will have a different treatment starting from 2 Week Ban as first and a month/2month bans.

    Please leave suggestions of what the things you want to see in the server and i will consider them

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