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Random / Mafia 2 Multiplayer
« on: October 28, 2013, 08:22:20 pm »

It's pretty buggy and not nearly as good as JC2-MP, but it's definitely worth a try, since it's reminiscent of JC2-MP. ;)

Random / Gaben Expands the Steam Universe
« on: September 23, 2013, 09:06:59 pm »
Check this out!

First announcement is a living room based Steam operating system! :D

46 hours until the next announcement! ;D

Hey guys! As you may know, my mod, the CRAZY Civilian AI Mod, has won the 2013 modding competition over at I invite all of you to give it a try. :)

As a thank you present for voting my mod to #1, I have spent many hours on an update that adds planes to the mess. Basically, you'll see planes trying to take off all around the island on roads alongside the already crazy civilian cars. Is pretty outrageous, and reminds me of a certain other crazy JC2 mod ... :P

Anyways, enjoy, and tell me what you think! :D

Random / Sleeping Dogs Multiplayer Mod!
« on: April 15, 2013, 05:43:15 pm »

Community Projects / IT'S LIKE I'M HIGH Mod
« on: March 29, 2013, 11:47:57 pm »

Everybody give it a go and tell me what you think! :D

JC2-MP / What's Your Favourite Vehicle For...
« on: March 28, 2013, 03:41:12 pm »
Rule #1: You can only answer with grouch vehicles/boats
Rule #2: Use the wiki if you can't remember the name of a vehicle

1. Exploring alone
2. Exploring with one friend
3. Exploring with 2-6 friends
4. Exploring with a whole faction
5. Racing

Here's mine:
1. Hamaya Cougar 600 (sport motorcycle)
2. Marten Storm III-2 (heavy off-road vehicle)
3. MV V880 (4 seater military jeep)
4. MV Quartermaster (4 seater military jeep w/ turret)
5. Sakura Aquila Metro ST (Fast and the Furious sports car)

Just Cause 2 / "Just Cause 2 Mods Is Undergoing A Massive Overhall"
« on: February 20, 2013, 03:26:57 am »
Hey guys! Just wanted to tell you all that is undergoing some changes, and is down temporarily. Really looking forward to seeing what Zenin's got in store for us! :D

Quote from: Just Cause 2 Mods Static Page is undergoing a massive overhaul and will be back soon. The site was running on 4 year old software and had a few difficultys keeping up with the success of the modding community.

It's been long overdue and I feel now is the best time to redo the entire site, I will be making the whole site much faster and cleaner. It will be responsive so that it works across all mobile devices.

Unfortunatly during this time the old site will be unavalible, but don't worry it won't be very long until the new site is up and running.

Thank you for your patience

So excited for the new, revamped! Should bring some awesome new attention to the site! ;D

JC2-MP / Thoughts on the 2/2/13 - 2/3/13 Beta Test
« on: February 04, 2013, 04:08:07 pm »

Models: I was very excited for the implementation of models, and what I saw in-game was everything I had hoped it to be. Despite a few minor bugs involving the character's body twisting around, I didn't see anything fatally wrong. I was especially impressed by the fact that none of the models' heads stick through the roof of vehicles, even the taller ones.

New player tag system: I liked the new vehicle health system, and by that I meant the fact that you could see other people's vehicle health. Also liked how they fade out when players move far away. However, I will say that it was a bit confusing, as their player health was under the player's name and their distance when they are on foot, but when they are in a vehicle, it's split up so that under their name is the person's health, and under the distance value is the vehicle health bar. Still, a great improvement, and I don't really think anything should be changed right away.

Killfeed: I liked the killfeed's concept very much. Reminds me of various multiplayer modes/mods in GTA. However, it was placed in an obstructive position on the screen, which prompted me to disable it. I think it would be neat if it was integrated into the game's value counter system just to the right of the minimap. To anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, it's the thing that counts how high your BASE jump is, how many people you've people you've killed, how many objects you've destroyed in the last 60 seconds, etc. It's already nicely integrated into the game's HUD and might work very beneficially as a killfeed. Also, it has a good scrolling system. It natively displays basically useless information in the MP, so might as well get rid of the values it already displays (742551462465/300 fuel silos destroyed).

Buy menu: I can guess why this was disabled halfway through the test. Too many things being dropped in at once, which was probably causing problems. Good concept, but it should best be saved for IRC tests and the initial release.

Factions: The factions system is very efficient, well written, and easy to understand for the most part. My only complaint is as follows...

Faction territory system: Amazing concept, but immensely confusing. Not sure about everyone else, but I thought it made holding faction territory more complicated than it should be. Perhaps I'm the only one who's being confused by this.

Vehicle tags: This was one of the few new implementations that felt pretty much useless and a big distraction when trying to identify a person from a vehicle when they are both not visible, and an occupied vehicle from an unoccupied vehicle. I'm going to guess and say that this is very useful when developing, but in open betas, it only serves as a distraction. I think there is a way to turn it off, (there is, it's /vtags) but still, maybe have it off buy default?

Speedometer: Loved it, loved where it was placed, no complaints here. :D

Racing: Racing was a blast. There were surprisingly few bugs, though there were a few. Sometimes the 3D directional arrow didn't show up and a few times it didn't stop flashing after I passed through the first checkpoint. I really liked how we got to play as the unused Race Challenge Girl! A big problem was how the races were heavily cluttered. On track that should be able to fit 5-10 people, such as the Three Kings Hotel track, there were something like 50 people participating. I was pushed off the track within a minute and couldn't get back on.

All new vehicle colour palates and decals: REALLY liked this one. I'd much rather drive a bright red limousine, a jet black G9, or a neon green sports car than cruise around sporting any of those lame common colours. Also liked the faction vehicle colours and decals as well. Maybe to improve on this, have only military palates/decals spawn at military bases, only specific faction palates/decals at specific faction HQs, and only Japanese (yes, there is a Japanese faction in the game) palates/decals at lost island. Random everywhere else.

There is a race livery with numbers and everything. Please look into this for the race script! (sport_1.pal and decal_numbers.dec)

Code: [Select]

File Attachment:


 - The 'invisible Rico' glitch was fixed according to the test changelog, but numerous players, including myself a few times (according to fellow factionmates), were invisible. It seemed to happen completely randomly.

 - The floating passenger glitch was fixed, but players do float away from the vehicle for about 1-2 seconds occasionally. It's pretty annoying, but not nearly as annoying as the, never actually appearing in the passenger seat.

 - "Game no longer crashes when two people go into stunt/cling position at the same time" is not true. I have literally witnessed myself entering a cling stunt position at the exact same time as another person did, which crashed both of us. It happened to my friend Mick and I once when we were in voice chat, and I can confirm that we both crashed.

 - When players die, they still twitch into some strange death position instead of falling into ragdoll. Trix has confirmed that this is due to the fact that the developers have overridden the natural physics of JC2, but I assume if they can sync the unnatural free movements of vehicles, the same can be done for ragdoll positions.


JC2-MP / JC2-MP Going Through A Major Development Phase!
« on: January 11, 2013, 07:24:24 am »
Quote from: @jc2mpdev
"@SimisFul Of course we are still here :) Going through a major development phase. Stay tuned."
about an hour ago

Any feedback? I think it might be character models. Or maybe it might be synced grapple wires. Perhaps it's something none of us expect! What do you think?

Community Projects / Panau Police Mod
« on: January 10, 2013, 03:10:54 pm »
Greetings fine people of JC2-MP!

A good friend of mine, JTH, has been slaving over quite possibly the (second) best mod ever created for Just Cause 2 for over a month. It is basically a mod that beefs up the Panuan Police Force to a massive extent. They now drive a variety of life-like police vehicles, and will stop at nothing until Rico is dead. We can guarantee 100% fun for you and Rico while you dodge bullets, steal police cars, and go on the ride of your life!

Remember, this mod is not complete, but it will be updated periodically as JTH, CoconutFred, and I create new features for the mod.

Here is a list of the vehicles that are featured in this mod:
  • Police Sakura Aquila, added 2 back seats, brand new skin, sirens, added cling stunt positions
  • Police Sakura Aquila Undercover, added 2 back seats, brand new skin, sirens, added cling stunt positions
  • Police SWAT Truck (Uses JTH Monster Wheels), added 2 back seats, brand new skin, sirens
  • Police Hamaya GSY650, we are currently working on a back seat, brand new skin
  • Wilforce (Uses JTH Monster Wheels), brand new skin
  • Skeeter Hawk is added via heatspawn.bin, brand new skin

I bet you're begging for a download link right now. Well, here you go!

Here are the files for the alpha Chinese Police mod by CoconutFred that you can download. These will be integrated into the mod later once CoconutFred is happy with the models.

Everything goes in the dropzone. Place all of the lose files in the Panau Police mod download folder in dropzone, and if you have have zxz's blackmarket mod, put the contents of the folder entitled 'USING zxz blackmarket' into the dropzone folder.

Enjoy the mod everyone! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns; please post them here. :)

JC2-MP / No Beta Test - Dec/22/2012 to Dec/23/2012
« on: December 21, 2012, 09:11:48 pm »
"Apologies for the late notice, but there is not going to be a test this weekend." :(

High hopes for next weekend! :D

Just Cause 2 / JUST CAUSE 3?
« on: December 18, 2012, 01:54:29 pm »

Random / Free Metro 2033 Steam Keys!
« on: December 14, 2012, 04:20:59 am »

JC2-MP / JC2-MP PRO Guides and Tips
« on: November 26, 2012, 11:01:27 pm »
Hey guys. I made some great guides for becoming an expert JC2-MP. Check them out if you want to be a JC2-MP pro!

Vehicle Seating:

Stunt Jumping:

Pro Tips YouTube Series:

Community Projects / Panau is Beautiful
« on: November 03, 2012, 05:49:41 pm »
I'm working on a series of videos involving getting dramatic shots of beautiful places in Panau that could never have been achieved if it weren't for Philpax's Camhack. Here's Episode 1:

I would like suggestions for different places in Panau that deserve an episode with some astounding shots. Please tell me some places that REALLY deserve footage!

Thank you so much, Philpax, for creating this amazing tool. Looking forward to the tool's completion!

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