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Community Projects / Urik's Racing Courses
« on: July 05, 2014, 07:36:11 pm »
Edit: I've updated the download archive with LautanLamaRiver.course. Originally named southboat_west, it was supposed to go with initial upload back then, but I mistakenly packed southboat_east instead which wasn't supposed to released at all (sorry). Now you can either re-download entire archive, or go here for direct paste data for lautanlamariver.course

These are some custom courses that I used on my racing server (which is going offline soon).
I'm sharing these if anyone's interested, feel free to modify etc. as long as you keep me in credits.


Some of them (like gila mountain dive and southboat_east) are still beta but I don't feel like working on them anymore atm.

Edit: special thanks to JasonMRC for writing me a script which I modified and used for my course-making needs. Without his script, it would be so much harder for me.

Random / Killing Floor 2 confirmed
« on: May 08, 2014, 06:59:56 pm »

Releases / Buymenu edit - all vehicles, dlc & sorted
« on: December 19, 2013, 10:58:54 pm »
Video demo here
An edit of Philpax's buymenu.
Thanks to Jman100 - he added all custom and DLC weapons, and started with tabs in the first place.
I sorted vehicles into tabs and set prices.
If you want everything to be free, open \shared\buymenu.lua
and in line #6 change

Code: [Select]
self.price = price to
Code: [Select]
self.price = 0Github link
To everyone, I strongly recommend using JasonMRC version now, it has more vehicle options, more appearance customizing options and is better in every way. I use it myself.
As about this release, I am not going to update it anymore (and never planned to), my intention from beginning was to bring attention so people like Jason would come up with even better. Thanks to everyone who liked it and used it :)

Just Cause 2 / JC2 Concrete Jungle benchmark - share your results
« on: August 03, 2013, 03:07:08 pm »
So I was curious the other day to what extent does CPU frequency affect framerates in JC2.

I knew already it's not a CPU-hungry game, but wanted to test myself.
Intel Core i7 3820
Asus Rampage IV Extreme
2x GTX570 SLI (reference design)
32Gb DDR3 @1600mhz c9
Win 8 x64 Pro, SSD
JC2 & Steam ran from 2 HDDs in Raid-0
Settings: 1920x1080, 120hz, all maxed out, vsync on, 32xCSAA

In all cases I ran the jc2 built-in "Concrete Jungle" benchmark, I find that one to be the most versatile (has water, reflective buldings, some vegetation). "Average fps" was then noted.
I started off with GPU frequency: with my 2xGTX570 clocked at stock 725mhz and OC' to 815mhz the difference was barely 2fps. With that established, I left the cards at @815 and went to mess with CPU.

First off, stock 3.8Ghz:       62.60 fps
Then, 4.4Ghz (my basic setting):         64.07 fps
Finally, I barely managed to run it on 5Ghz, and between crashes, it scored      65.37 fps

I also tried out disabling 2 cores, HT and settle at 3.6Ghz to simulate somewhat close to an i3 dual-core processor, which resulted in considerable drop to   38.04 fps.

I personally think that with lower graphic settings, the results would vary much more.
So I went back to 4.4Ghz and lowered anti-aliasing to 8xCSAA, which gave me     71.78 fps
After lowering many other settings form "very high" to "high" and "medium", I scored      89.31 fps

With this I conclude that something like Intel Core i5 2500 at 3.5+Ghz , or AMD Phtnom x4 at 3.5/4Ghz is definitely enough for JC2, beyond that there's not that much difference (i7s / AMD FXs , of course, will do better for video capturing / editing and are very welcome in heavy SLI configs & resolutions beyond full hd).
Older i5 7xx are probably also just fine to run it; probably including Phenom 1 / Athlon.

I also remember I read somewhere that Vram (GPU memory) does affect JC2 much. With 570's, I've 1250mb, and judging by Afterburner, it doesn't get all filled up, but it'd be interesting to see someone's results of the same benchmark using cards with up to 3~4 Gb of vram.

I didn't do any screenshots / graphs as it'd be waste of time and message space, I suppose it's fine readable like this.

Community Projects / Post your screenshots - April 2013 test
« on: April 22, 2013, 08:25:16 pm »

Well, I saw already similar threads, but I'd rather keep the tradition and create dedicated one for screenshots from current test.
Mods may sort it out... I opened it here in community projects.
Note: for youtube videos, please use Youtube Videos Thread
Please try to thumbnail / limit size preview your images, so that they don't take entire page (gives people problems viewing).

Alternatively, you can browse the album here [size=78%][/size]

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