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Scripting support / Problems with players falling through the map.
« on: December 17, 2013, 07:49:57 pm »
Hi all,

I'm having issues with players falling through the map. When they first log in it's fine but whenever they die and respawn they always fall through the map. Even when I raise the coords to give them a longer time to render the map the issue still occurs.

My code:

Code: [Select]
spawns = {
Vector3(-4925.187012, 234.002518, -1370.304443),
Vector3(-4934.499023, 240.000793, -1414.097168),
Vector3(-4927.741699, 245.999985, -1388.601440),
Vector3(-4899.338867, 245.999985, -1408.729858),
Vector3(-4872.474609, 251.999985, -1399.522461),
Vector3(-4896.214355, 290.019196, -1400.230347),
Vector3(-4892.854492, 318.106628, -1395.367188),
Vector3(-4903.533691, 318.109467, -1395.884888),
Vector3(-4900.793945, 318.106628, -1403.429810),
Vector3(-4898.647461, 319.722321, -1399.202637)

textColor = Color(115, 170, 220)
players = {}
StartGame = function()
for player in Server:GetPlayers() do
local randomIndex = math.random(1, #spawns)
local spawnPosition = spawns[randomIndex]
local weapon = Weapon(28)
player:GiveWeapon(2, weapon)

PlayerSpawn = function(args)
local message = "Innovative Gaming - Deathmatch"
args.player:SendChatMessage(message, textColor)
return false

OnPlayerChat = function(args)
if args.text == "/kill" then
return false
return true
 PlayerChat = function(args)
if args.text == "/pos" then
return false
return true

Events:Subscribe("PlayerSpawn", PlayerSpawn)
Events:Subscribe("PlayerChat", PlayerChat)
Events:Subscribe("ModuleLoad", StartGame)
Events:Subscribe("PlayerChat", OnPlayerChat)


I've heard a few people complain that when they try to follow this tutorial:

They get errors or the script won't start.

Make sure you change all the

'Vector' to 'Vector 3'.

For example instead of:

Code: [Select]
spawns = {
Vector(14197.319336, 458.649567, 14382.654297),
Vector(14053.989258, 451.647766, 14313.827148),
Vector(14192.114258, 438.649567, 14359.311523),
Vector(14109.357422, 423.588654, 14350.410156),
Vector(14162.669922, 434.653503, 14290.238281)


Code: [Select]
spawns = {
Vector3(14197.319336, 458.649567, 14382.654297),
Vector3(14053.989258, 451.647766, 14313.827148),
Vector3(14192.114258, 438.649567, 14359.311523),
Vector3(14109.357422, 423.588654, 14350.410156),
Vector3(14162.669922, 434.653503, 14290.238281)

Community Projects / Just Cause 2:MP Roleplay community.
« on: December 07, 2013, 04:00:41 pm »
If you're interested in creating or playing in a roleplay server feel free to join the group on steam I recently created. If it all goes well I'd be interested in hosting other games too!

Twitter: @Inno_Gamin

JC2-MP / Lua Scripting.
« on: October 20, 2013, 11:25:25 am »

I currently have no knowledge of Lua scripting but I'm very interested in learning prior to JC2:MP being released. I know MTA and GMod both use Lua, would it be a good idea to create game modes on these games to practice or will it be entirely different?

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