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Releases / Re: [1.2 - 23/01] PassiveMode
« on: January 24, 2014, 09:42:50 am »
Could you please make an example how the syntax in the config.lua has to look with more than one Steam ID's for Admin use ? Obviously i made something wrong because it didn't work. Thanks in advance.

Wolfseye ;)

P.S: I just realize, I didn't use that before. Thats why these things weren't filled out in the previous Version, used the permissions with ZED. :) Man, its still early and I am not awake...

Releases / Re: Physgun -- Pickup Stuff, includes a spawn menu
« on: January 23, 2014, 02:52:37 pm »
Most Metropolis buildings seem to kill/crash the Game immediately if you try to spawn them. Do you have a list of the maybe more useful items, like road pieces, ramps etc. that you already came across maybe ? With the many things, and so many subitems its really hard to find something that is useful and not crash the Server before you came to the right thing. ;)


Releases / Re: Physgun -- Pickup Stuff, includes a spawn menu
« on: January 23, 2014, 02:39:33 pm »
Ok, I just tried the last Update. Is it normal that if you spawn an object (I suppose click once / double click on it) its already set at that point and cant be moved again ?

Because I just had that with the Submarine. I clicked it and it was there, but I could not move it anymore. And even more strange, I could just walk through it. There is no collision.

All that normal ?


you can see your active tool below the map
Hmm, can't say I saw that.

Releases / Re: Physgun -- Pickup Stuff, includes a spawn menu
« on: January 23, 2014, 12:39:37 pm »
You're the man, Ash. ;) Thanks !


Releases / Re: Physgun -- Pickup Stuff, includes a spawn menu
« on: January 23, 2014, 12:36:40 pm »
What about things already done til now ? Is one able to delete those as well, or only from the start of a new session on the Server with these changes of yours ?

The whole spawning stuff seems also very buggy. With several objects it killed the game and made it crash, other objects like I tried a piece of an oilplatform, had a washy texture. But I suppose its all just in development.


Releases / Re: Physgun -- Pickup Stuff, includes a spawn menu
« on: January 23, 2014, 12:24:57 pm »
This is great. ;) Thank you. Although we probably should wait until there is a delete function, or all the stuff we try around (and you know, sometimes a lot of weird things can come out of that :D ) we are not able to delete later again. And the Server will be chaos essentially. ;)

But this is a great start and I will definately use that as soon as there is a way to undo the crazy stuff that people maybe do.



Archived / Re: 0.1.2 Release
« on: January 23, 2014, 10:41:24 am »
Thanks for the Update, guys. ;) Got both my Servers updated now. Although I am sure I don't get any of the Spawning features to work, since it seems that requires more than just a command to get something. A Gui would be nice for that, like in Garry's Mod. But can't have it all. ;)

Anyways, thank you very much for this great Game.



Scripting support / Fix Scripts for 0.12 Release
« on: January 23, 2014, 09:09:02 am »
Some scripts like the JC2MP - RACING script show in the Console with errors because of the Events:Register, Events:Unregister & Events:FireRegisteredEvent things. I know how to change it, but since for example the Racing Script has a lot of files, does anyone know in which files to look so I can avoid opening them all and doing the search ?



Looking forward to that next update, Blushine. ;) Thanks for all your work.


As I told you last time, I dont have these issues. I agree, there is a slight loss in frames in the city, but thats even without this Script. The City area was always graphically more intense, and so are the frames. I usually have 90 - 105 FPS in the Game, in the city it can go down to 65 on occasion, but not more and not often.


Based on what you mentioned last time on my server when you said you had lag?


Releases / Re: TaxiDrivers - Drive people across Panau to earn money
« on: January 18, 2014, 07:46:16 pm »
When a passenger dies in the taxi, the driver has to pay back all money he earned from that passenger plus a penalty (default: 100$)

Dies by outside force or killed by the Taxi driver or its vehicle ? Because that way it could be just some **** that is bored and kills people. Nothing related to the driver.

What in that case ?


I'd suggest you make that optional if these texts are displayed or not, so everyone can decide how to have it. I don't see a problem if these texts show in a larger distance. I don't want to search for a job ingame, sad enough you have to do that in real life. :)

Please make that a configuration if possible. Thank you very much, looking so forward to the next Update. This Script ao rocks!


Releases / Re: TaxiDrivers - Drive people across Panau to earn money
« on: January 17, 2014, 02:59:54 pm »
Its kinda fun. ;)

Could you somehow make it possible that the vehicle gets deleted the moment someone for example kills the driver, just to get the car ? Like in Panau Drivers script, for each job a vehicle gets provided and as soon as, for whatever reason, the driver falls out of the car, the vehicle is gone and in the case of that script the job is also over.

If you could prevent a "taxi fare" from killing the driver to get the vehicle, that would be nice. If possible. ;)


Releases / Re: [1.11 - 24/12] PassiveMode
« on: January 17, 2014, 02:53:44 pm »
I never had problems with that, although I only allow it for Admins. But not once I witnessed that issue. Strange.


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