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June 24, 2019, 07:49:21 pm

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He probalby thought dab88 was showing off. He wasn't.
Actually you're probably right about that... i might of acted a bit out of anger because i felt the guy was showing off in my thread and felt like he was downplaying my video, my apologies to you dab88. I'm sure most of you can see by now i have a bit too much pride in my video, probably because only i know how hard it was to do it and to this day i personally don't think there is anyone out there that has done it like that but i'm sure i could be wrong. I really wished there was but so far i have not seen a video anywhere with anything close, mostly because of the fact they don't use the super para thrusters mod to start the flight off, everyone seems to be either into jumping from planes or mountains :/

lol whoa there jet lagged... apart from being nosey and answering like your the person i was speaking also seem a bit mad. sorry if i sounded like i'm bragging about anything, i just wanted to make a few things clear because the guy posted on my thread and made it seem like i'm too noobish to fly how he did.

Anyways, back to dab88. I read what you said and i respect your point of view, but what you said made it seem like maybe i'm not good enough to fly without mods, i respect the fact that you are good without them, but i also had my fair share of flying without mods too.Flying with mods is a whole another thing.. just remember that even with the mod i have you won't be able to do anything close to what's on that video, and if you don't believe me try it for yourself, i'm still waiting on a person to upload a video with something close.

I have to say i'm a bit disappointed in the video. you have to understand that i can easily fly without mods just like you do and even better, thats how i started off, but the feel and look of flying the way i do blows any of this away.

Another thing to point out is that when i recorded my footage my whole goal was to keep the flying as steady and realistic as possible, so any scenes that show wobbliness or sudden jerks/movements etc. was automatically discarded even if the proximity was perfect. If you see my video you will notice how steady and natural it looks compared to any other proximity flying video there is out there. Thats why i called it "the art of proximity flying".

I think it will be hard to top my last video :( but i can try... any suggestions for an instrumental?

So who thinks i should make a second one?

There isn't and "All of the lines!" button :(

There is :)

A few people have asked me for advise on how to fly like this and i will now give you all the tips and advise possible so you can get an idea of how to do it. But let me warn you.. you will never fly like what you see in the video consistently or even fly a whole line like that, you need a lot of practice to finally get consistent enough to fly like even a single line to the bottom like that so don't be disappointed when you cant succeed, it takes much practice.. but its possible.

Here are the tips and advise. First off, go download the parachute mod that allows you to fly really fast, you will need that for 2 reasons, one is so you can have a better flight with more forward speed when you let go and the other is so you can fly up the mountain faster so practice is easier. here is the link

OK, so once you have the mod installed and made sure its the fast one then its time to start flying.
I will start off with one of the most important things about the flight, which is "the let go" which is when you hit space and let go of the parachute and start flying. So "the let go" is very important because if you let go with too much downward ANGLE then it will be too fast and sometimes too much glide, and if you let go with too much upper ANGLE then flight will be too downhill and not enough forward momentum. So watch my video and pay attention to the ANGLE and the timing of "the let go". its a little diff for every line. but its ideal to have a little upper angle in lines that require a steep slope, and its ideal to have a "leveled" ANGLE like the first line so you dont have too much drop and mostly forward momentum. The second line had a upper ANGLE so my drop was more steep, but sometimes the best thing to do is feel it out and fly the best line for "the let go" instead of flying the line you planned as that is NOT always the best route.

And if for some reason the flight feels too wobbly or more wobbly than normal with not enough forward speed then just re-do it. Wobbly flight or slow flight = NO GOOD

Tips and advise about CONTROL while flying: When you let go and are in flight it is important to hold the "w" key as much as possible and ONLY let it go for a split second if you need to GAIN altitude(like the 1st line, i did not let go of "w" once until the last ridge at 0:37) or tap it if its ground proximity(like i did in the third line at the bottom) which consisted of tapping "w" a lot rather than holding it. Because if you let go of the "w" key for too long you will lose MOST forward momentum and then drop like a rock once you hold "w" again. So letting go of "w" too much is NOT smart.

More control tips: your main controls should be the following A,D,W and your mouse... but never hit "S" ever.. if you hit it will kill your momentum. So always hold "W" and do precise movements with the mouse, HOWEVER for the mouse to be effective in close proximity you have to use it in COMBINATION with "A" and "D" (left and right) and i will teach you how.  For example to take a left curve around A wall you will need to tap "D"(right) while your mouse looks left. So its like a COUNTER STEER... the countering is always done with the "A" and "D" keys(left and right) and not the mouse, the mouse always looks towards the wall. You will not be able to fly precisely if you only use your mouse or you only use your left and right keys.. you need both in a COUNTER STEERING technique.

Tip about mouse sensitivity: Too sensitive can lead to over turning or over correcting and TOO slow can lead to a lack of turning which is not good either. Keep it in the middle or where you feel best at.

Another tip: Always stay focused on the terrain ahead and not on ricos body.(really important)

And last but not least with music.. it really helps, i don't think this video would of been possible without it!

Hope this helps.

I take that 'line' means attempt, I'd say the 3rd one, you kept real close to wall all the time.
I keep trying to imitate you, but even though I can basejump fine, this is unbelieveable.  ;D ;)
(Btw, how many times did you die before having enough material? XD)

Soul, thanks for your appreciation, not everyone can understand the precision it takes to get this footage.
To answer your question about "how many times i died" I would have to say many many times of course... But i cant fly as good anymore, i was extremly good back then, i recently got on again and it feels harder than before but its because im rusty, im still good but not like i was before.

This footage is about a year old and i never took the time to put it together until a few weeks ago, but to give you an example i can tell you i have enough "great" footage to make a few more videos like this which consist of 4 nice lines. But the footage in this video is not exactly my best footage, i have much more great footage so i will possibly make another video, any song suggestions? only instrumentals please..

Click the link and watch the video in HD! you wont be disappointed as it blows away any other video about JC2 proximity flying! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Community Projects / Re: Just Cause 2 - The Art of Proximity Flying
« on: February 12, 2013, 03:11:01 pm »

Español (Spanish) / Just Cause 2 - The Art of Proximity Flying
« on: February 11, 2013, 11:15:58 pm »
miren este video de JC2... es lo mejor de volar!

Community Projects / Just Cause 2 - The Art of Proximity Flying
« on: February 11, 2013, 11:12:39 pm »
Click the link and watch the video in HD! you wont be disappointed as it blows away any other video about JC2 proximity flying! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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